Your visit to this page is a clear indication that you are someone who takes interest in violin. Well, that is indeed a great choice. Stradivari Strings can be the best choice for people in search for affordable violin lessons. However, before you choose to go for a school, the very first thing you would require is a great violin for you.

Before we move on, you may find it interesting to understand how a violin is hand
crafted, right from the beginning. Check out the details here:

So do you know the way to buy a violin? If this is the first time you have decided to buy a violin, then you should first have proper knowledge about buying the right one. If you have no one to guide you, this article will become a beneficial choice for you.

So let us have a brief look at some of the few things that you require checking while buying a violin.

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Check the below mentioned points prior to choosing a violin:

Here we will discuss more on the crucial aspects prior to making a purchase. Since you will be buying a violin by yourself and within a fixed budget, you need to make sure that you are making the right investment.

Make sure you choose a reputed music store:

Even when you might find several online deals that seems great for you but not always online is a great place for buying instruments. It is always advised to check for a reputed store within your area when you are buying a new instrument with a decent return policy.

All the experienced musicians have the knowledge regarding the need for playing violin from a skilled luthier or the professionals from the music store as they are able to answer any questions or concerns that a beginner might have.

If you find a second hand violin but you are thinking whether to buy a second hand instrument, then the smart decision would be to take precautions. Get in touch with the local luthier and check the violin from them. Also it would be great if you can exchange the instrument with a new one by adding some amount with it.

However, if you are okay with second hand instrument and if the condition is okay, then it is always a great choice o go for the deal.

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Make sure you play it before you buy it:

Never keep it for tomorrow. When you buy a violin from the violin shop, make sure that you ask the luthier to play the violin. Listen to the sound quality and it matters a lot. Also remember that no two violins have the same sound so when you choose a violin and playing it is the nest crucial task.

Always know that an instrument or the music tells a lot about the personality of the person, Hence the music that feels peasant to someone else’s ears might not be the same to you and hence playing is a necessity.

This is the prime reason why making online purchase is not a great choice.

Check the return policy:

In today world of perfection, you would never know what suits the best for you and hence you need to check more than one violin. Make sure you check the ability, size and share when you choose a violin. Apart from checking the quality, you need to ensure that the shop is responsible for any damage in the violin.

So while choosing a violin, ask them about their return policy or the warranty. Different shops have different policies and which you need to know before choosing one for you.

Moreover when you choose a new violin, you should know that it comes with a warranty or not. One year warranty is the minimum tenure while other might offer 2 years. However, if the damage is incurred after you bought it or in an accident, the store or company is not liable to pay for the damage or take any responsibility.

To conclude, these are some of the basic things that you need to check when you are purchasing a violin for the first time. However, if you are looking forward to taking violin lessons Singapore, get in touch with Stradivari Strings today. They offer great lessons along with also offers violin for rent for the students who cannot afford to buy a violin.