If you love music and you are passionate about it, you should definitely think of taking it to a professional level. This will again require you to have knowledge about playing the instrument to create your own composition. There are many instruments available in the market that you can choose to play but one of the most commonly chosen ones is the violin.

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Violin is one of those string instruments that can create many fantastic tunes. It has the ability to cure any mood or health trouble or take your stress away with its soulful tone. But you should always know that nothing comes for free or easy. It takes years of training and practice. Stradivari Strings can be a great choice if you are looking for violin lessons in Singapore. So, before you jump to choosing a career with the violin, you should definitely find out more about the following.

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Playing violin may be hard as the string can be harsh on your fingers:

The way you find the pro musicians playing the violin, you need to know that initially, it is a lot harder. During the initial stage, while playing it, you will find it hard to hold the string with your fingers as it might hurt you. However, if you keep practicing, eventually you will be able to play the violin and don’t feel the pain on your fingertips. That is because the skin on your fingertips grow thicker as time goes on.

As a pro tip, don’t stop practicing, as it is the only key to gain expertise and forget about the pain. As a start, you can practice for fifteen minutes each time, twice a day. This is to get your fingers used to the violin.

You need to sit in the right posture otherwise it will affect how you hold the violin:

Do you know that when it comes to playing violin posture makes a lot of difference? While playing the violin, you need to make sure that you are sitting in the right posture. Stand upright, keep your head level, position your body aligned to the music stand. When the posture is not correct, you will get back pain, neck ache, shoulder ache, and wrist pain.

So if you are thinking to do it all by yourself, it is certainly not a great idea. You will need guidance from a violin teacher to learn the right posture.

You need to have the right violin teacher:

This is the rule of thumb is no matter how great a school is the main key lies with the teacher. Only a great trainer has the ability to pass on their knowledge to the students. Not only technical knowledge is everything, as you equally need to have the passion and dedication for the instrument.

A good trainer will always know a great way to keep the passion lit and help you to achieve your dreams. Therefore whether you are looking for a private tutor or opting to go for a school teaching, never forget to check the tutors.

You have to be very patient:

Nothing comes overnight like in movies. In real life, everything requires time and practice. Without spending ample time practicing, you can never achieve your dreams. Patience is the key. You might not find the same motivation as the first day you had after a month, but you have to keep the dedication.

The more you practice, the more you spend time, the faster you become a pro at playing a violin. Therefore if you are thinking that it is not a matter of time, then it’s a myth, as playing violin requires a lot of time and patience.

You need to train your hand, brain, and eyes to work in coordination:

No matter which instrument you are playing, it requires good coordination between the brain, eyes, and hands. When you are watching the musical notes, your brain needs to be very active as your hands need to match what the eyes are telling you to do. Developing coordination is about time and practice.

Do not expect to become a pro in the initial days. You might be extremely bad in the initial days but with practice, stay assured you can get the best.

Coordination is the key to play like an expert.

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You need to choose the right violin:

Last but never least is you need to choose the right violin. You always need to know that different players need different types of violin. It is not like one instrument for everyone. It is different for beginners, intermediates, and advanced level players. Know that factors like the age of the maple spruce, the quality of the parts of the violin including the tuning pegs, strings, fingerboard, chinrest, all matters a lot as it has an impact on the tone of the violin.

So while you are going to buy a violin, consider learning from an expert like Stradivari Strings as we have years of dealing and selecting violin.

In conclusion, these are a few things that you need to research before you choose to take violin lessons. If you are looking for a music school, you can get in touch with Stradivari Strings as they offer affordable violin lessons to all students. So get in touch with them today and enjoy a successful career.