Have you decided to learn violin? If yes, it is a great way to lead your life. If you have set a goal to become a pro violinist, you need to take part in the best violin lessons in Singapore. It requires passion, motivation, and dedication for the violin.

The best part about taking violin lessons in Singapore is you not only become a professional violinist, but it is also training you to become a better person. With time and learning, not only do you get better at playing the instrument but also in various aspects of your life.

So, today we will take a look at the different techniques of teaching, followed by institutions offering violin lessons in Singapore, and find out more about the teaching style.

What are the different learning methods for violin?

So, while it is highly different and depends on the teacher, offering violin lessons in Singapore, here we will talk about the two most commonly chosen teaching methods.

Suzuki violin method:

This is one of the most popular methods of teaching chosen to provide violin lessons. It was created by a very famous violinist named Shinichi Suzuki. This renowned violinist was from Japan, and he observed that the Suzuki violin method could be beneficial for people. He observed that children were able to learn their mother tongue quickly, and hence he created an incredible system keeping it as the basic foundation.

This violin teaching method greatly relies on positive encouragement, reputation, and involvement of the parent. This method delays the violin’s learning to read music. It is commonly famous as the mother tongue approach. In this process, they treat music classes just like language.


Students will be able to pay attention to playing music and every other thing that they require to remember.

With this approach, students will be able to learn at a much better speed, and it will give them confidence.

As parents are also involved in violin lessons, the child starts creating a healthy relationship with their parents.

This method can be greatly beneficial for students of any age, especially for the younger kids who are eager to learn music.

Traditional learning technique

This is also very popular among violin lessons in Singapore. The traditional violin method is the teaching style where the teachers have a typical structure that they follow. The teacher initially makes students learn the way to read notes. Even when You’re a beginner taking violin lessons in Singapore, with this method, you will be able to start reading music much more quickly.

violin lessons in Singapore

Even when this is very common in different teaching styles, it is believed that when students start by reading notes in the earliest stage, it becomes helpful in their advanced stages. It helps them to join music groups, reciters, and Orchestra.


Students will be able to learn and read the music notes, which they can memorize while they are learning the technique. It can be greatly helpful in improving their techniques.

This method does not include the involvement of Parents, and hence it is a low-maintenance approach.

Students will be able to find a lot of study material that will help them to teach and get better at learning violin.

Things that you can expect when you start taking violin lessons in Singapore?

Irrespective of your age, when you start taking violin lessons, not only do you become a better professional but also a great person. As mentioned above, the violin makes you better in several ways. If you want to know what are the other ways that the violin can be helpful for you, make sure that you read the following.

You need to start learning to be patient:

Unlike any other things in your life that can be achieved in a day, learning violin is significantly different. The violin is time taking, and irrespective of your age, you require paying complete attention to learning the instrument. All you need is to keep practicing until you perfect yourself. Remember that it needs a student to be passionate about the instrument and can put in the hard work. They need to learn it.

You need to take care of the instrument.

Just like any other living organism that requires a lot of care and maintenance, it is the same for your violin. Not only it requires hard work while practicing, but also you need to maintain it properly. If you want it to keep sounding the best throughout the time, you have to clean it every day. When you start practicing to take care of the instrument and worship it, it becomes your habit, and slowly, you get attached to it. The more you take care of the instrument, the more it will provide a clear and great tone.

You will not be able to create great music for the longest time:

You need to know that even when you are taking violin lessons in Singapore, it will take a lot of time, determination, and dedication to be able to master the instrument. Prepare yourself to know that you will not be able to master this instrument or play it properly for a long time. When you start, you are most likely to be very unattractive. However, you need to keep the determination and be enthusiastic to master the instrument. When guided by the best teacher offering violin lessons in Singapore, it becomes a lot easier for students.

Expect to be better with time and the right guidance:

It is inevitable that any musician is able to take the limelight in a blink of an eye. Besides, when there is a violinist who has the capability to play great music, they’re already a star. However, if you dream of becoming one of those special people who can play the violin, you require the best violin lessons in Singapore from experienced teachers.

Remember that guidance is the cornerstone of success. Even the best violinist in the world who can play some excellent music is able to perform and play because of the proper guidance. So irrespective of the teaching approach chosen by the teacher, when you are taking violin classes from an excellent teacher, and you have the dedication, brace yourself to become a great violinist in the future.