Do you want to play the electric guitar? If you are someone who takes an interest in playing electric guitar, it is definitely a challenging thing. You are required to consider a lot of things while choosing a school offering electric guitar lessons. However, before we take a look into all the important things that you need to check while choosing a music school offering electric guitar lessons Singapore, we will check out the most necessary equipment that you need to buy for your electric guitar.

It is definitely a cool choice when you start playing electric guitar. Compared to conventional guitars, electric guitars are known for providing great music. This is generally chosen by advanced music players. However, in order to master it, it requires choosing a music school offering electric guitar lessons Singapore. Before we take a look into some of the most important things about choosing electric guitar lessons, we will take a look at the necessary equipment that you need to play an electric guitar.

Necessary equipment for electric guitar:

Before we start, these are some of the important items that you need for your instrument.

Guitar amp –

When it comes to playing electric guitar, the first thing that you need is a decent amp. Being a beginner, you might not require spending thousands of dollars on buying something really advanced, but you need to make sure that the amp sounds decent. It is an essential companion for an electric guitar as without an amp, it is not possible to get the sound from these electric guitars. Choosing a great quality Amp will help to release and enjoy the complete potential of the instrument.

Guitar tuner –

When it comes to playing a string instrument like a guitar, it is necessary to tune the strings. Even in the electric guitar lessons Singapore, you will be provided with knowledge from the teachers regarding the need for using a great tuner. There are different styles of tuners available to use on electric guitars. Some of the common types include microphone, strobe, chromatic and polyphonic. It will help to tune the guitar and ensure great sound. There are certain tuners that help to create the right tune for the group and live environment. So depending on your requirements, you need to choose a guitar tuner.

Instrument Cable –

As you have to use the electric guitar, you will need an instrument cable to integrate with the amp. This will help to connect the electric guitar to the amp and provide the best sound. Remember that without choosing a quality instrument cable, the electric guitar is simply useless.

Strap –

In order to enjoy the playing experience and make it comfortable, it is essential that you choose the right guitar strap. These straps are available in different sizes and colors, so you will not find it hard to choose one. Straps are generally made with different kinds of material, which you require choosing according to your functionality and comfort. Make sure that it has the proper thickness to provide a comfortable fit without facing any issues on your shoulder.


The next valuable thing that you need to pay attention to while choosing an electric guitar is purchasing a guitar capo. This is an essential tool that tightens string while used. This means that you can easily change the keys while playing. This is most commonly used by beginners as it minimizes complexity in stretching and creating shapes that it requires for composing music. So, always pay attention to buying a high-quality capo to enjoy your electric guitar journey.

electric guitar lessons Singapore

So, these are some of the most important things that you need to choose when buying an electric guitar. When you start taking electric guitar lessons Singapore, you will be able to seamlessly create music without facing any issues. However, you also have to make sure to properly choose a music school offering electric guitar lessons.

Things to learn from a music school:

Learn all the basic scales and chords –

Irrespective of the music genres that you most like to play, your electric guitar will initially need you to spend time learning chords and practicing different skills. This is done to make it easier and more satisfying. It is extremely challenging for beginners to create certain chords as it requires making complex finger movements. However, as you progress, you will find muscle memories and finger dexterity development. This is when chord and scale creation becomes natural.

The more you progress, the better it becomes. Once you learn all the basics, you will find it easy to tune. Learning basic skills and cards is extremely important. If you want to play like a pro musician, it will help you to seamlessly improvise with other musicians and play different songs from different genres.

Learn the way to use an amp –

Any school offering beginner electric guitar lessons Singapore will help you to properly learn the way to use an amplifier. Amplifiers are devices that take sound from the guitar and make it louder. You have to properly understand how to use this amplifier and tune it with your guitar. You will find different channels present in an amplifier which requires adjusting the sounds as per the requirement and area. Modifying and amplifying sounds accordingly make it even more enjoyable for you and everyone in the room.

Observe your teacher –

One of the prime requirements that you need is to observe. You have to listen to the instructions provided to you by the instructors and check how they hold the instrument and use the guitar. Watching will help you to get into the details and understand the way to use the instrument. When you choose a great school offering electric guitar lessons Singapore from the best teachers, it becomes easier to fulfill your requirements.

Keep practicing :

So these are some of the most important things that you need to know when you have decided to learn electric guitar. You should always know that learning guitar requires a lot of patience and knowledge. When you take electric guitar lessons Singapore from the best teachers and spend time practicing everything that you observe and learn will eventually help you to improve and become a pro guitarist.