The violin that you own is a product of hard work that offers timeless sound. This is among the most ancient instruments that have been around since the 1530s. However, even now these instruments are able to produce great sound for films from any genre.

Just like proper artwork, when it is about a good violin, it takes much time to improve its value. This is the only reason why it is always recommended to take proper care of the violin, as this is the only way you can protect the timeless sound and value of the instrument. Even when you are taking a violin class in Singapore, you will be recommended to maintain your violin for the best sound.

However, you always need to be mindful that this is a fragile musical instrument. There are tons of other factors that have a direct negative impact on its sounds like physical damages, temperature change, commercial cleaners, and bad cleaning techniques.

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This is the reason here we have made 5 important steps which ensures keeping your violin protected.

Wipe your violin everyday

Use violin case

Keep the temperature in control

Do not use harmful violin cleaning products

Visit the luthier

If you are able to follow these few steps, you can stay assured that you will be able to preserve the sound of this instrument. And if you are thinking about the sound of a hundred year old violin, then it would definitely be beyond imagination and surreal.

Wipe your violin everyday

You require making a habit of cleaning the instrument after you have practiced it. This is a crucial activity that every violinist should take to protect the condition of the violin.

This might be tiny and insignificant but if you check the violins that have lost their sound is generally because of leaving it untidy.

When you don’t clean it properly, softly but gradually the rosin dust starts building up. This solidified when left like that. You can then find white residues which can have a direct impact on the violin’s sound.

It is mostly suggested to make use of microfiber cleaning cloth. Keep two pieces of it as one is used for wiping the accumulated rosin and another for cleaning the rest of the instrument. Using the same cloth for the entire violin is not recommended as it can result in hampering the quality by distributing the dust in other areas.

So keep this habit of cleaning using two pieces of cloth every day especially after practicing.

Use violin case

When you buy a good violin case, it helps in two ways. This case can help to protect the violin from any type of harm temperature fluctuations.

Now when it comes to buying a  violin case, there is tons of information. We will always recommend you to seek help from the teachers of violin classes. Check this information before you move ahead to find a violin case.

Do not buy cases that have brand names in it as these companies have reasons not wanting to build a reputation.

A good violin case is lightweight, protective, temperature-resistant, and durable. When a case has all the four qualities, it can be a little more pricey. If you are not able to afford, you can choose the top two features you need as per your activities and location and then choose to buy.

Wooden cases have good temperature resistant properties compared to modern cases but they are heavy.

Carbin fiber is a material that is used. These are highly protective and light instruments. However, under the sun it can easily start getting heated up. These are therefore not great for hot climates.

Fiberglass is the hardshell case that has water-resistant features compared to other foam cases.

Contoured cases are compact, portable, and light. However, they don’t have much space for shoulder rests or sheet music.

Cases that contain accessory pouches can be useful.

Keep the temperature in control

Even when most people know but temperature control is one of the overlooked features. Dangerous humidity and temperatures have a direct impact on the violin.

If you are living in an area with a dry climate, wooden areas might start cracking. In a place with maximum humidity, wood tends to expand. Therefore, you need to understand your area’s climate and then choose one.

As it has been mentioned above, using a good case is amazing protection. But if you find that the humidity level is from 50% to 90%, you definitely need to think about buying a good case.

Ideal humidity ranges from 45% to 55%. When you buy a good case, you can be assured that the internal temperature is maintained.

Do not use harmful violin cleaning products

Just as we have mentioned in the first step about cleaning violin using cloth, it is still a crucial step. The reason why it asked to do the process every day after using it eradicates the chances of not using any cleaning products.

There have been several scenarios where the commercial cleaner does exactly the different from what they are supposed to. Mostly they make use of oils, alcohols and solvents which is effective in eradicating rosin residue. These can also damage and remove the varnish in violins.

The commercial oils might offer great shine to violin, but when these oils sit above rosin dust it can result in making the instrument even much harder to clean.

However, this in no way means that there aren’t any great violin cleaning products but all you need is to choose an experienced luthier. Also do not forget as mentioned in the first step – to clean every day.

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Visit the luthier

Luthiers are undoubtedly a need for people who have a violin. Even when you have bought and have been using it, you need to keep a habit of visiting them once a year. They are the best for cleaning.

Now that you know the way to maintain your violin, you can start looking for a good violin class in Singapore and achieve your goals.