Learning an instrument is definitely a long journey, and it requires one to be highly passionate about music. Learning instrument is like facing new adventures every day. However, it is true that not all shoes will suit every player. Everyone requires a different learning process to be able to master the instrument. For some, it can be challenging, while others might be able to play the instrument in a specific process of learning effortlessly.

If you are thinking about whether you will be able to master the instrument without taking a violin lesson Singapore, the answer is yes, you can, but it requires assistance and guidance from an expert at some point in time.

Violin requires inspiration:

When you start taking a violin lesson Singapore, initially, it remains exciting, but as you move ahead, it can become a little bit boring, which can discourage students. As we have to keep practicing constantly, it can be tedious and boring for many. This is a common situation faced by every violinist. Even when initially we all have hundred percent energy and excitement and decide our journey and goals, we slowly tend to lose our determination after a few weeks.

Irrespective of our age, we all have to experience disappointed feelings as professionals and beginner musicians. But how to stay inspired and feel the same excitement and freshness every day? Well, there is obviously a great way out. If you become more sensitive to the sound, and the way you’re touching the instrument, it might be a little bit more exciting.

It requires having the right individual and group take a violin lesson Singapore. When you decide to learn on your own, it becomes easy at initial times, but eventually, there is a tendency to give up. It requires you to have people of the same mindset or a small group of musicians who are equally eager to master the instrument. When you have peers, it constantly keeps challenging you and helping you to move ahead without giving up.

You need the right guidance:

The violin is not only an instrument that you can play easily, but it requires paying attention to a lot of other aspects. Without the proper guidance, it can result in giving up. When you find a teacher, you don’t have to take pressure about planning, structuring, and practicing music. All you need is to pay attention to the instructions given by the violin teacher.

One of the most notable benefits of choosing a great violin teacher is that they will be helping you in every technical aspect that you initially require to improve your playing ability. When you compare learning violin from a teacher to your own, you will find that as a learner without any guidance, there are several problems. You will not be able to understand the way to read music and improve your technical abilities.

When you start playing violin, which initially requires you to pay attention to posture, correcting the posture is extremely important, as incorrect posture can become uncomfortable and will not lead you to make improvements. It can also be detrimental to your health. Without professional guidance, it is almost impossible to perfect your posture.

You can choose to learn on your own when you are at an advanced level. When you have taken the basic knowledge or an introductory violin lesson Singapore from a music institution, the advanced learning can be done on your own. But if you are just starting to play the violin, it is definitely not a great choice to play on your own.

Problems faced by beginners when learning on their own:

So here, we will take a look at some of the most common problems observed among learners who have just begun to take violin lessons on their own.

Unable to correct the posture:

The first and foremost thing is to pay attention to correcting the poster. If you have ever seen a violinist, you will always find them sitting in the same position. Every violinist has to pay attention to the posture and the way they are holding the instrument in order to play it effortlessly.

violin lesson Singapore

Being a beginner, when you decide to learn on your own, without taking help from a violin lesson Singapore, it becomes hard for you to know the correct posture. It requires physical training and guidance from your teacher to find the correct way to hold the instrument and play it. So it is always better to choose a great teacher who can be helpful in making you learn the way to hold and sit.

Unable to use the correct technique:

When learning violin, it is imperative to pay attention to the technique. If you take a violin lesson Singapore, you will find the teachers initially pay more attention to improving the technique to be able to learn the instrument correctly.

Even when you might be provided with instructions, it is impossible to know whether you are doing the techniques correctly without the proper guidance. So taking help from a teacher and listening to their instructions is immensely influential and beneficial in the journey.

Unable to create the right learning structure:

Being a beginner, who does not have proper knowledge about the way to hold the instrument and sit correctly, it is obviously extremely hard to create a proper violin learning structure. As you need to move step by step and cannot jump to a conclusion, it requires a proper learning structure.

Only a teacher who has experience in offering a violin lesson Singapore can be incredibly beneficial in providing violin lessons in a progressive manner. As the structures are created according to the capabilities and skills of learners, these can be very effective for beginners. Only with the proper guidance does it becomes a bit easier for you to achieve your goals.


Learning violin has no age, but it definitely requires a violin teacher to help you master the instrument. Since the violin is a highly challenging instrument, it is not a great choice to start taking violin lessons on your own as a beginner. It is crucial for you to understand the techniques and learning structure to be able to proceed step by step.

So, it is better to choose a music institution offering beginner a violin lesson Singapore to master the instrument and fulfill your dreams.