As a brand new violin beginner, you might face some abstract hurdles that will make you feel: violin is hard to play. But the fact is, if you are dedicated to compassion and compromise, everything becomes as easy as water. The foremost and crucial thing, beginner, should remember is choosing the ultimate violin that offers lifelong benefits and a significant session. For that, you need to visit an ultimate violin shop Singapore that can understand the passion and criteria of a beginner.

Most often, you do witness that these shops are available with ‘violin for sale’. Hence, you need to be assured that you have to come to the right place where only standard violins are available.

Now, we have enlisted some essential tips for beginner violinists who are confused about choosing their first violin and choosing an appropriate shop and things they need to know. Let’s explore:

Some essential things you need to know before buying

Experts say that “If you are an intermediate to advanced violinist, are confident that you know how to test out various professional violins, and have some money to invest, then buying from a violin shop is a good option.”

As you have just gained the idea that violin shops are good for almost everyone, from beginner to experts. But few things you need to remember before visiting the shop finally and consider the shop to buy your violin.

violin for sale

Check price and range.

If you are looking for an absolute budget violin and your first violin as well, we recommend you order an inexpensive violin. A good violin shop is always available with various kinds of violins. Start your session with a low-budget violin, which would be helpful to establish proper practice and a good beginning. There are experts available at the shop which eventually help to choose some inexpensive but standard violins. If you invest a considerable cost on expensive features but ultimately get an unsatisfactory result, then your beginning might witness a devastating end! You should also be careful when choosing your instrument that this shop offers you the right price. Generally, University-level violins usually start around $1,500, and professional violins begin at approximately $3,500.

Again, I am implementing the fact that if you are a beginner and looking for a budget violin, you can also start with a second-hand violin that would fit your budget and give you an extraordinary violin session. Many violin shop are available with such an option.

Do not forget to try the instrument before buying this.

Never buy a violin without a fair trial! It is always suggested and recommended. It is normal if you are urging a request to the owner of violin shop Singapore to have a trial. Nowadays, even many violin shops are available with practice rooms where you will try out the instruments. Although many shops are still unavailable with such facilities, you can approach the shop owner to try the selected instrument if you are daring enough. Bring several bows with you if it’s possible to try out. This method will be helpful enough to know your instrument very well. Trying mix and match bowls would be beneficial to make sure you have found a great combination that helps you to establish an excellent violin session in the future.

Bring a violinist friend along with you.

If you are lucky enough and if you have a violinist friend, then take advantage. Your friend must be advanced and already known of this process. Try to help him, especially if this is your first time visiting a violin shop; this method would be a real help. A trusted violinist friend would be wise to bring him with you to choose and understand the instrument.

Your friend must be someone who can understand and analyze the process of buying a violin. It is always good to get an experienced set of ears. Although, violin preference is a fundamental thing, and the decision depends on the individual. You might feel the difference when choosing the instrument, but if you want to take firm guidance, you need to prefer a good and experienced friend of yours!

Buying a violin vs. renting a violin – the most foremost concern of beginner violinist

Well, this one is one of the most common confusion that exists among young violinists. Whereas many violinists still believe in the violin for sale method. We usually recommend the aspirants to buy musical instruments rather than renting, especially when it comes to violin. If you are an ardent fan of your instrument, you must purchase your favorite thing. Renting could be a good idea but not always.

Your teacher might convince you to buy options as they are pretty adaptive with the nature of such things; renting a violin could give you disturbance as it is already a used instrument. Few violin shops also tend to rent their things at a lower cost. Still, if you buy a budget violin, you could witness almost the same facilities offered by a rented and a new violin. Instead, if you purchase the violin, it will provide you with some most significant advantages.

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Keep an eye on detail: check the old and new instrument

“New instruments tend to be less expensive, especially if the person who made it is still alive.” – Anonymous.

Buying a violin and choosing a violin shop Singapore might be a daunting task as the whole process involves a lot of engagement. New instruments are always a good option only when you find them at a less high price. But, some violin shop are not authentic, and as a result, they focus on older instruments and try to sell them at a moderate price. Kee this important thing in mind. However, experts also suggest that aged wood tends to sound better than newer wood.

‘Old is gold’- you have probably heard this famous term. This could be applied at the time of buying the violin. When you are definite to buy the thing, you need to go for older instruments to get a magical sound! However, we recommend you not to rush and go for the best ever possibilities when buying your dream violin!

Always remember that a violin shop must be everything you are looking for!

Why choose a prominent violin shop?

Buying a violin always needs a prominent investment, but it doesn’t end here for most players. A perfect career in violin involves excellent knowledge, information, perfect sense, and true love and care. May shops are available with different musical instruments. But look for a shop that deals explicitly with violin and who are open with violin for sale. So, always opt for such an option and find a shop supporting your musical journey, understanding your need, evaluating your passion, and offering you your dream instrument.

Final Thoughts

Learning violin involves such crucial responsibilities and possibilities. The first steps are essential to consider. Therefore, be cautious at the time of implementing such methods. Choosing an authentic violin shop Singapore is among them that guides you to choose the present and equally concentrate on the future!