Most folks taking adult violin lessons are either retired or have a lot of time on their hands. This is usually what happens when people step into the adult world! Having a lot of time is good in one way. You can now finally focus all the time in the world to invest in something positive. Taking beginner violin lessons for adults is an excellent way of keeping someone occupied.

Below mentioned are some of the probable reasons why taking adult violin lessons is beneficial.

1. It Would Make You Feel Younger

Well, that is not the ideal case, but yes, you would indeed become mentally stable. Thus, your brain activities would be restored to a more youth-like state.

Taking violin classes for adults is so good for your brain. However, if we are to talk specifically about adults, then it means various improvements. This means improvements in working memory, resilience to age-related hearing loss, and lower levels of stress and depression. In addition, learning music as an adult has shown proven results that are much more effective than brain training games.

The thing with kids is that their brains are like sponges. Learning new languages, including music, is a piece of cake. This is not the case with adults. Adults find it much more difficult to process complex music. Still, they have a greater capacity for self-diagnosis and problem-solving.

2. Taking Adult Violin Lessons Is Fun!

Taking adult violin lessons would keep your brain from freezing! If it ever becomes monotonous for you, stop taking the lessons! Of course, there is no one to ground you! You are an adult, after all!

3. You Can Play Anything You Want When You Want

There are endless possibilities when you start taking your beginner violin lessons for adults.

Circumstances constantly restrict our lives. But one of the greater joys of being an adult is having the freedom to make your own decisions. No band teachers are forcing you to learn some other instrument because the violin spots are full. Likewise, there is no pressure from your family to learn that specific instrument other than the violin.

adult violin lessons

As you can see, the possibilities with your violin are endless! You have set some specific goals, and those are your personal ones. Are you thinking about learning the basics of a violin? Do you want to play your favorite song? Do you like to learn some classical ways to play the violin?

If so, you have the absolute freedom to choose your learning style when it comes to adult violin lessons.

4. Adult Violin Lessons Would Be Great If You Are Retired, But Not Absolutely Necessary

People who are retired have a lot of time for adult violin lessons.

Those swamped with children and/or work can still probably carve out 10 or 20 minutes daily for practice.

It is not about stressing out to find time to practice. Practicing 10 minutes daily would go a long way to ensure that you progress steadily. Instead of checking Facebook, you can play your instrument. It is a better way to use your time to practice the adult violin lessons.

So the question arises, how can you make time within your busy schedule?

What motivation do you need to take beginner violin lessons for adults? Write your points on a piece of paper and keep them near your instrument at all times. You will soon see that you have enough motivation to carry you through those nights when you’d prefer to binge-watch!

5. Let It All Out, De-Stress Yourself

In the end, we are all humans, adults and children alike. Thus, we always tend to be hard on ourselves. When you can’t play that specific tone, it is pretty easy to beat yourself up and lose perspective.

Keep in mind that progressing with a new skill takes time and is hard to get accustomed to. But the more your practice, the more sharpened your skills would become. Thus, you will have more fun when it comes to your violin classes for adults.

6. No One Will Criticize You If You Skip A Practice Session

You won’t get into any trouble if you do not practice. And your teacher would most likely appreciate your honesty!

Students need to be more open to their teachers. They should discuss any issue happening with their violin classes for adults. For example, students need to discuss their practice sessions or let the teacher know about a song they are interested in. This would allow their teacher to set their violin classes for adults according to their preference.

However, do not think that you can progress with your lessons without practice. Students of all ages must practice their lessons efficiently. If you find yourself skipping practice, it is time to set your schedule accordingly!

7. Make New Friends During Your Violin Classes For Adults

Group lessons are the best way to meet like-minded musical newbies. Private lessons are suitable too if you are somewhat introverted and want to form a good bond with your teacher. You would have to be sustained to learn from your beginner violin lessons for adults and also make new friends if you want!

Yet again, practicing those lessons is a must! Otherwise, all your hard-earned money would be wasted if you do not learn your instrument proficiently.

8. You Will Set A Superior Example For Your Grandkids and Kids

Your kids and grandkids would feel immense pleasure watching you being serious with your adult violin lessons. And not just them. This will happen with whoever is watching you take those lessons.

beginner violin lessons for adults

It is a healthy process of letting your kids and grandkids watch you working towards a set of goals. They would witness your skills that didn’t come knocking on your door. You would have to be persistent and keep up with practice consistently.


Thus, we have discussed all the probable reasons as to why you should take adult violin lessons. Like life, learning the violin is a constant cycle of work, joy, fun, and frustration. So, jump right in!