Music is an art that evolves from time to time. It washes away all the sadness of humankind and makes their soul lifted. In the music industry, size does matter, but the ukulele has broken that enigma and made a deep space for itself. As a result, the music industry has emerged as the pinnacle of an art form and creating history at every moment. Ukulele is the latest edition to that long list of musical instruments that elevates the soul of humankind. For music lovers, this is the newest member of the artistic society that stays a bit longer than the others.

Ukulele lessons Singapore is in its best shape to cater to the students’ long-awaited ukulele lessons and drive them towards their desired destination. This course will help all aspiring music enthusiasts to get their musical journey started.

Course overview

Ukulele lessons Singapore is creating and designed courses for students to quickly grasp the concept and learn all the basics of the ukulele lessons. Here is a course overview of the ukulele lessons.


Students who are above age six can join and enroll in this course. There are mainly three courses available for the students to grab- beginners, intermediate and advanced. Students who do not have any ties with the music industry can also enroll in ukulele class Singapore.

Basic chords

In this course, students will study all about notations and intonation. But before all that, they must know the basic chords. Students who are just above age six are small in stature and cannot handle complex chords. For them, the Soprano ukulele is the best choice. There are four primary chords available in the ukulele- G, C, E, and A. Among them, C is the tuning chord.

ukulele lessons for kids

Complex chords

According to the guidelines of ABRSM or the Associated Board of Royal School of Music, ukulele lessons Singapore is catering complex chords to only advanced course students. After the learning of basic chords advances, students will be exposed to C6 and E major chords. With experienced teachers and the facility of live concerts, students will get the maximum benefits.

Course details

With over eight years of experience and a 100% success rate, Ukulele class Singapore is serving all the aspiring students in dire need of getting into the music industry. Here are the details of the courses that students need to know.

Ukulele lessons for kids

Ukulele lessons for kids cater to all those talented young souls who are just starting their journey as butterflies. Kids are keen observers of society, and they always delve into the material of anything. At the age of seven, they have the theta consciousness, the highest form of human consciousness. That is the reason they grab every opportunity to learn and ponder difficult questions of life.

This course will instill patience and discipline into the kids and make them ready for their upcoming life. It will also hinder their creativity so that they could rise to the occasion and mark their name in the music industry in the near future.

Ukulele lessons for adults

There is an untapped potential in the young generation that the institute can harness. Adults who didn’t get the chance to enroll in the ukulele lessons for kids can opt for this course. Adults are always looking for validation and recommendations. Adult classes will help them to grow their self-esteem and thrive in the music industry.

Students will primarily learn about C major, D major, G major, and Em minor chords in this course. Students can join this course by passing a preliminary examination held by ABRSM or get an entry by DSA or Direct School Admission.

Beginners ukulele course

ABRSM or the Associated Board of Royal School of Music has introduced this course for those students (Kids and adults) who do not have any experience in the music industry. This course will cater to the needs of the students’ basic requirements and help them advance to the next level.

Singapore students will learn all the basic things about ukulele lessons in this course offered by ukulele lessons. With well-trained teachers, students will learn about the sitting posture, intonations, and notations.

Questions that can be asked

Choosing the first-ever ukulele lessons can be very daunting. Students must be aware of all types of questions that they should ask before opting for any courses. Ukulele class Singapore provides the best lessons for all the students who are in dire need of elevating their careers.

What is the cost of it?

Arranging affordable classes for all students can be a hectic task. Ukulele lessons for kids are doing this thankless job for the last eight years. Their motto is to cater affordable ukulele lessons for students who belong to different economic backgrounds. These courses are designed by the strict guidelines of ABRSM or the Associated Board of Royal School of Music.

ukulele class singapore

What is the durability of the course?

Ukulele lessons Singapore is catering the best course with excellent durability. The main course has six months, and after the period, students will be eligible for the advanced system, which will take another six months. In the latter half of the course, students will be more exposed the live performances and shows that will allow them to excel in their careers.

What is the difference between guitar and ukulele?

A guitar is a six-string musical instrument, and a ukulele is four strings. A ukulele is very easy to handle with two fewer strings, and novice musicians can use it. In contrast, the guitar needs special requirements to even play a simple note in it. Students who want to invest in the ukulele can choose these instruments over guitar any day.


Ukulele lessons Singapore is one of the most exemplary training programs for students who want a respective career in the music industry. Music has been from its inception taking all the responsibility of human emotions and catering to the creative minds of every music lover. Ukulele is one of the latest musical instruments that elevates the mind and soul of music lovers. With the courses and training programs, students will benefit and can thrive for success in the music industry.