Guitar is truly intriguing but learning the chords can be quite a challenge for the beginners. The way you see the guitarists play in a performance, isn’t something that happened overnight.

It requires years of training and knowledge on chords to be able to master the strings. No denial that playing guitar chords can be quite a mystery to but only a few people have chosen to walk along this mysterious path and accomplish their aim.

If you are dreaming of becoming a guitarist, you definitely would want to know that challenges come with learning guitar and to overcome them, you have to keep going. You need to know the way to hold your guitar and the finger placements with the help of an experienced guitar teacher Singapore.

Practice is undeniably a mandatory thing for the beginners but as usual there is always a cheat thing that you can follow and trust me when I say, It helps! It will do wonder if you can follow the diet.

Remember, just like medication, you have to keep following the lessons provided by the teachers.

guitar classes

Step #1 Start with practicing the fingering of first chord:

Well, so let us start this process of learning the way to play guitar chords by selecting one chord that you can start with.

There isn’t any mystery in this and therefore so when you are just starting, it is a suggestion to start with the D chord.

You need to start with practicing the chord fingering first.

You can do this by placing the fingers on one chord at a time and then keep your fingers out. Do not start strumming the chords at the first go. This is more like the test run that you are doing before setting out for the first time for the field. Make sure of repeating this for 10 to 15 times to be able to understand the finger placement.

Now you need to place your fingers again on the strings but you have to strum this time. Make sure that while strumming all the notes of the chord can be correctly heard.

You can make adjustments of the fingers if required. Start strumming again and keep working to make sure that the notes are sounding good without creating any kind of funny or buzzing sounds.

Don’t concentrate on attaining perfection and this is one of the most common mistakes seen among the beginners. If you are trying to do everything right at first, you will never be able to move on.

When you are trying to make it 100% accurate, you are actually delaying the process. Instead, you can just try to attain 70 or 80 percent of it and the left part will be done with regular practice. This will help you to refine the chords.

You can set a time when you can practice the chord. Then again leave it, shake your hands and start practicing again.

Being very new with the chord practice and with the whole instrument, you require repeating the same thing for 10 to 15 times in every session.

Step #2: Start practicing the second chord:

Now you need to pick the second chord of the guitar and learn the way to play it. Go in the similar process like the first one and then keep practicing it. Remember to train your fingers first for a few times and then strum if you want to make sure of the finger placement.

Remember to practice the chords for a few times and then shake your hands to start again. In each session, keep practicing for 10 to 15times. It might not be sounding great initially

Step #3 Practice changing the chords:

Once you have done the finger placements and strum the strings, you must start changing. Well, wait! You must do the same process for all the chords just to make sure the sound is just the way you should be.

Once you find that you can do it pretty easily, you can start practicing the transitions. The most crucial portion of chord changing is to go slower without stopping. After that, you can pick the tempo gradually.

Do not stop in the middle when you are making chord changes. Over time when you keep practicing, you can get the habit.

If you have done enough practice and now you can make chord changes comfortably for the four strums, you must now try changing for two strums. Start slow and again go little by little.

Add another chord:

Once you think you have reached 80% of it, you can keep adding the third chord. Again, once you think you are doing good, keep adding and keep practicing. Remember you need to make sure that your fingers can make an easy transition for any chord.

Remember the more you put your effort on learning part by part, the more you will be able to learn guitar and play like a professional. Just like the professionals who are able to play guitar like a pro, it will take years of practice to be able to play seamlessly like them. Since it is mostly about muscle memory, you have to make sure that you are giving it enough time.

It is complex and challenging but not impossible!

Remember that if you have to attain something, you have to give a lot of things like effort and time to be able to achieve your goals. Therefore, make sure you take guitar classes Singapore offered by the best trainers.

guitar classes Singapore

You have the top guitar teacher Singapore:

Remember once again, you can keep practicing on your own, but for that you first need to take lessons from the best guitar teacher Singapore. They can guide you which you require following and only then will you be able to acquire the goals that you are willing to.

However, make sure you choose the trainer who has the ability to understand your requirements and keep you teaching the right things. Even they can become a good help for you to rectify the issues that you face on your guitar.

No doubt that any string instrument like guitar can be a lot challenging for the beginners to play. Not only is it about multitasking but also it is about taking the pain that generally happens due to fingering the strings. Therefore, no matter how much it hurts or the effort you need to put into playing, make sure you are keeping up with the practice just to make sure that you are able to achieve the goals.

So what are you waiting for? If you are thinking of taking guitar classes, choose a good lesson offering guitar lessons from the best guitar teacher Singapore. Things become a lot easier with them as they go step by step and therefore giving you the chance to master every single thing of the instrument.

Remember the teachers have experience in handling different students and therefore they can be helping in making a choice. Without any further delay, look for the school offering guitar classes Singapore, or you can simply look for a private guitar teacher Singapore, if you are not comfortable taking lessons with others around you.