Are you facing difficulty finding a good quality ukulele? Indeed, before you take the ukulele class Singapore, you have to find the perfect match for you. Initial days will be hard but once you get accustomed to this instrument, you might find it really easy to understand the details of this instrument.

When you make a quick search on Amazon with the keyword, ukulele, perhaps the overwhelming results will increase your struggle instead of lowering it. Every ukulele is different and is from a different size, price, model, and brand.

With the countless options available both in the online and physical world, making an informed decision is a necessity.

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Pick the correct Body Size and Price Range:

It is always recommended to the aspirants willing to buy their first ukulele is to narrow their search by checking the price and their body size. Once both of these major factors have been written down, you will find choosing is no more difficult.

Make a choice of the price range:

If you want to spend more, you certainly have no limitation but if you want to know about the minimum amount that you need to buy a quality ukulele, then you can set a minimum budget from $50 to $100.

This is a good range for beginners to find quality built instruments which is both comfortable to play and sounds great. There are no limitations to spending more if you want but being a beginner who will be taking the ukulele class Singapore; you can start from a reasonable budget.

The ukuleles available in this price range can be played easily for a longer time period with the need for upgrading. Besides, it gives you the room to move to the more expensive models if you think your old uku is not able to match up to your needs.

So, what do you get when you are spending more?

Remember, as we mentioned that there are no limitations to ukuleles if you have no budget limitations.

So, what are the major advantages of spending more on your first ukulele? There is not a single answer to this question, as the more you keep increasing your budget, the more you will start witnessing the following things.

Appealing cosmetic features like rosettes, inlays, and bindings

Better playability and craftsmanship

Exotic materials and wood

Quality electronics to be able to pay using an amp

Solid back, sides, and wooden top

Some of the known brands like Kamaka or Martin are available at high price tags and are certainly the best choice for your investment. These are considerably expensive models than the others available in the market.

Do not fall for the cheaply priced ukuleles:

Despite low prices are tempting as we are able to save something, but these are more likely to have various issues with their tonal quality and playability.

Even if you ask from an expert, they find cheaply priced ukes as toys because of the extremely bad quality. With cheaper models, you can expect to be in trouble.

You must know that Cheap ukuleles are definitely not fun playing. Even you can find your teacher of ukulele class Singapore will be advising you to go for expensive and quality models.

Most of the players who are into buying the ultra-cheap ukes can be mostly seen discourages or frustrated, and this is definitely not how someone would feel while learning something new.

When you are spending just a few more than the price tag and looking for something better, you can definitely get something better. This instrument will motivate you to work harder and improve the playability.

Select the Size of the Instrument:

Ukuleles are available in a range of sizes, and some of the most common types include tenor, soprano, and concert.

Most of the first-time buyers get intimidated by the range of sizes available for the ukuleles. But don’t worry, as once you get the understanding, you will not find it complicated.

Tenor, soprano, and concert are the ones that all tuned and being played in a similar way. Therefore, if you know how to play soprano, you can stay assured of being able to play both tenor or concert seamlessly.

So now you must be questioning that why then should I both about the sizes if they are all played and tuned similarly?

because the size of the ukulele has a major impact on its tone

How the size of Ukulele has an impact on the tone?

The general rule of ukulele is when it has a bigger body, it offers a better tone. Tenor and concert ukulele has the size that offers rich, warm, and resonating sound compared to the soprano ukes. Larger bodies can produce more volume and bass.

Sopranos are quieter and have the treble-heavy mode to them. This is definitely not a negative aspect, but you must give it a thought before you choose a ukulele.

How its size affects its playability?

The tenor and concert ukuleles have a larger scale compared to that of a soprano.

Now, what is the scale length? It is the distance between the saddle and nut.

Longer scales refer to the distance between frets and giving fingers more room to move, thereby, it is clear that tenor and concert ukes are much easier to play due to the larger scale length.

Soprano can make players feel a little cramped especially players who have thicker and longer fingers.

Do you know? The first-ever ukuleles were the size of a soprano. Other than these, the tenor and concert were introduced around 1920s.

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What can be the best size for beginners?

If you are a beginner and you are about to take the ukulele lessons Singapore, you can choose any of these. However, we would recommend you to opt for the bigger tenor and concert body sizes because of their easy playability and warm tones.

We would still ask you not to obsess more on the sizes as there is no right size for anyone. All you need is to make sure that you are comfortable holding it and rest is up to a human’s amazing ability to adapt.

If it is for your kid, you must visit the store before enrolling them for the ukulele lessons for kids.

So, that’s all for today. We hope you have a wonderful time playing this fantastic instrument.