Learn To Play The Cello

Designed for the absolute cello beginner, this step-by-step video tutorial covers the basic foundation in mastering the art of playing the cello.

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Designed for the absolute cello beginner, this step-by-step video tutorial covers the basic foundation in mastering the art of playing the cello.


  • 1   Understand the structure of the cello and cello bow.
  • 2   Basic posture for the cellist.
  • 3   How to hold the cello bow.
  • 4   Exercises to strengthen your cello bow hold.
  • 5   Left hand position on the cello.
  • 6   Exercises for left hand dexterity.
  • 7   How to bow on open strings of the cello.
  • 8   Open strings bowing exercises.
  • 9   Learn 3 bowing techniques: pizzicato, arco, slur.
  • 10   Learn and practice 3 basic scales (G, D and C major), separate bow
  • 11   Learn 3 basic scales (G, D & C major), using slur technique
  • 12   Play a song: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars”

Subtitles are added to each video and where applicable, music notation and scores are incorporated so that you can cross-reference practical practice to theory.

This Basic 1 Cello Course is usually covered in traditional face-to-face coaching over 8 lessons. Valued at US$500, you can grab this at a special price of US$89

Once you have mastered the basics in this course, you can move on to our power-packed “Basic 2 Cello Course”.

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  • Can I learn cello online?

    With a positive and motivated attitude, a good set of cello and bow which produces great tone, a laptop and a quiet room — you can certainly learn the cello online. The important thing to note is to identify a cello teacher with great coaching credentials who is also savvy in the details required to conduct online lesson lessons effectively. Contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769 or email us to arrange.

  • Can I teach myself cello online?

    I have been in the music education line for more than a decade. During this time frame I have encountered a few students who attempt to teach themselves to play on the cello online, without going through proper online cello lessons. Sadly, I have not met anyone who can play on the cello flawlessly without a cello teacher. Do check out Stradivari Strings online cello course whereby you can get access to our beginner and intermediate level courses here:

  • Is it hard to learn the cello online?

    It is possible to learn the cello online. As for whether one finds online cello lessons hard or easy, this depends on the ability of the student in terms of grasping concepts like space, rhythm, intonation, theory and so on. A good cello teacher makes it easier for most to learn the cello speedily. Contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769 or email info@stradivaristrings.com to arrange.

  • Is it possible to learn the cello from youtube without cello lessons online?

    Self-learning the cello online without engaging an accredited cello coach is not advisable. Watching video clips of how other cellists play on the cello, without proper coaching from a guru, is self-sabotaging your route to picking up cello playing techniques flawlessly. You may pick up bad habits and find that it is difficult for you to unlearn these bad habits after months and years.

  • How long does it take to learn the cello online?

    As compared to face-to-face lessons, students may take a longer time to progress to intermediate or advance level via online cello lessons. This is because certain details of the hand posture on the fingerboard or the bowing direction may not be clear online versus seeing it live. There may be some guesswork involved on the student’s part to experiment hence the progress may be slower.