If you are reading this article, you probably have decided to start guitar lessons for beginners. You are probably making a decision whether to go for acoustic guitar class or electric guitar class. You may feel confused or uncertain and need expert advice. If this is the case, do be aware of a few myths which may sway your choice. These are not true and highlighted as follow:

Myth number 1:

The acoustic guitar is easier to learn than the electric guitar

Myth number 2:

One can only start with acoustic guitar before progressing to electric guitar.

Myth number 3:

Electric guitars are for rockers and acoustic guitar are for pop genre playing.

Before I dive in detail on the topic, do check out this inspiring YouTube video which features thirty songs one can play on the acoustic guitar:

Image Source By: Paul Davids

Also check out the following video which features ten rock songs every electric guitar player must know:

Image Source By: Guitar Bonedo

Next, I will give you some pointers so as to make an informed decision on which music instrument to start beginner guitar lessons with.

First factor: The Electric guitar requires an amplifier whereas the acoustic guitar stands alone

If you have started beginner guitar lessons, your guitar teacher probably has taught you simple strumming patterns and a few easy chords. Now that you have this rudimentary skill, try strumming the acoustic guitar to get a sense of how loud it is. Then strum an electric guitar by itself without plugging in the amplifier. You will notice that the latter does not sound loud at all. After this, attach the cables to the amplifier and the guitar, add pedals for the electric guitar and strum it — you will notice that the volume then comes on loud. Once you set the electric guitar up properly, you can adjust the volume and it has a big dynamic range. The sound quality is different.

This tells us that you need to be aware that if you wish to start electric guitar lessons, you need to get a few other accessories aside from the guitar itself. However, to start acoustic guitar lessons, you just need to get the acoustic guitar and not worry about plugging it to anything.

acoustic guitar lessons

Second factor: The acoustic guitar is more forgiving

Once you start beginner guitar lessons, you will learn different finger plucking style and strumming. As a beginner, the acoustic guitar is more forgiving in terms of the tone if a beginner is not too familiar with strumming technique. The electric guitar, on the other hand, is more sensitive and amplifies wrong strumming pattern.

Third Factor: Volume level

Before starting beginner guitar lessons, or learning any other music instrument, we must be mindful of the volume level during home practice. This is especially important if you can only practice at home after work or school hours. In many countries, there is a cut off evening time in terms of noise production, so residents can rest properly.

If you do not have a sound proof studio at your home location and can only practice very late in the evening, you may want to consider the electric guitar as you can plug in headphones to the amplifier.

Fourth Factor: Decide on the guitar which calls out to you

Go with the feel. Try out both the acoustic and electric guitar. Pay an accredited coach to do a trial guitar lesson for beginners, for each instrument. Which instrument excites you and motivates you to play? Which instrument brings a smile to your face? Is there a particular type of music or genre that you love?

Which one do you think is you? Some feel like a rock star once they plug in the electric guitar. Others prefer to be low key and go for the acoustic guitar.

Whichever music instrument you feel comfortable playing is the one you should start guitar lessons for beginners.

Fifth Factor: Do you have a budget to work with?

In an ideal world, the word “budget” does not exist. However sometimes we need to be practical. Before you start electric guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lesson, try out the range in your local guitar shop. Do some research into the price range of acoustic and electric guitars available in your area. Work with something that is within your budget. However do have a baseline in terms of the budget and don’t go for the lowest range as these typically tend not to last and may be difficult to learn on.

In general, acoustic guitar can be lower priced compared to a full set up for electric guitar.

beginner guitar lessons

Sixth Factor: Ease of play

Before you start guitar lessons for beginners, try holding an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar to be sure.
The electric guitar may be easier to play for some, as it physically has a slimmer body and neck. Lighter gauge strings are also used so it is easier to play. Conversely the acoustic guitar of standard size is physically wider and neck is bigger. Acoustic guitar also uses heavy gauge strings and this requires firmer plucking and fingering. Though the latter can be over-comed with guitar picks.

However, it is easy to just pick up the acoustic guitar and strum. Whereas for the electric guitar, one must set up the amplifier, pedal and cables first. So unless this is perpetually set up, one gets more spontaneity from playing on the acoustic guitar.

In any case, it does not really matter whether one starts with acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar lessons. As one progressed through one’s music education journey, there will come a time where one may feel the urge to try something new and may gravitate to other music instruments. One’s taste in music as well as genre of music also may evolve with time. The important thing is to enjoy the learning journey along the way.

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