“Rockstars come and go. Musicians play until they die.” – Eddie Van Halen.

Though the guitar is for everybody, from six to sixty, guitar is the most incredible musical ts your mind instrument that affects your mind, body and soul. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to get the chance to start your musical career with this one, don’t let this opportunity go. You don’t have to worry as there are plenty of learning opportunities based on the instrument. But, you definitely do not know what is about to come next, how you will learn the instrument, how long it will take to master the device, whether you have everything you need, and several other questions that you might not have an answer to yet.

Therefore, in this article, we will check some of the most common issues faced by the people who are taking guitar lessons Singapore.

Don’t quit

In the beginning, most of the aspirants were interested in participating in the guitar lessons, but slowly they lost their interest and found the lessons very daunting. One thing you have to remember, that when you are up to something, you need to be equally dedicated and contributing, just like your teacher or mentor. If you are going through the private lessons, you must have your mentor who supports you throughout your entire journey, so at least for the sake of your teacher, you must encourage yourself to do better, but not by quitting yourself. Quitting is not the solution to your consequences. Rather, you have to take the challenge and participate in the programme specially crafted for you. Remember, quitting is the most common reason for failure.

Practice and keep Practice, but then what?

Well, when you research or browse the internet on music, especially if this is regarding the music instrument, then you might encounter several strategies; one of the foremost demands and strategy is to practice hard, this is true that when your Practice offers the reflection of dedication, you will win the race at that time. Because ‘Practice makes a man perfect. So, whenever you practice hard, you will get the result at your hand. But above all these, you should why you are practicing or why do you need to practice?

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Indeed, this is a great thing to achieve something outstanding, but besides that, you must be aware that you have a motto to Practice; if you are not aware of your ambition, there is no need to practice or hard work. To be very honest, Practice is something that is a bit annoying; you have no aim, no matter how long you practice, the end result will be zero. So, it’s better to avoid a baseless long hour practice; it would be great if you practice for 15 minutes daily, at least you should be known for the honest result.

Develop callus on your fingers is not a great deal

You must not focus on building calluses on the left hand as it will take a few weeks when your fingers become hard enough to press the strings without feeling any pain.

Many people believe in some myths that say that guitarists need to take a good amount of pain and which can be overcome only with exercise. Being a guitarist, we can straightaway recommend that you not focus on such myths and leave them to your body.

Finger calluses grow gradually over time when you keep practicing. Also, make sure you don’t leave practicing the guitar.

Pay attention to techniques and features

If you are overwhelmed by thinking that you have gained success by knowing all the techniques of guitar, then it is wrong. A musical instrument is more complicated than you think, especially a guitar, because this specific instrument has several methods to learn; the more deeply engaged you are, the more you will gain the achievement. You have to be quite attentive while you are in guitar lessons Singapore.

You need to learn many things like arpeggios, chords, scales, rhythm, ear training, and a lot more. Everything is all about techniques, and therefore being a beginner, you must initially learn the methods.

Even if you ask a pro, you can find that they will initially ask you to focus on the techniques now and then move forward. Proper techniques matter a lot as they have a close impact on note execution. Ensure that you are attentive enough to the correct positions and proper fingers; these techniques will even lead you to the right proportion of Practice and success.

Now that you have almost gained the fruitful suggestions on practicing the guitar, it’s time to enlighten on some basic facts on buying a proper guitar. Experts find that many aspirants find it difficult and get confused whether they should go for electric guitar or acoustic or simple bass guitar. Whatever guitar you are opting for, you must remember that you need to scrutinize every possible fact about buying an appropriate guitar.

How to buy an appropriate guitar?

 Learning and playing the guitar is something that you have to achieve through proper dedication and your 100% contribution; without the love or affection towards the instrument, you cant be able to execute proper intonation and are unable to deliver the music. Learning to play the guitar is a real exciting thing that comes with lots of fun. So, whenever you take the challenge to kick-start your career with this beautiful instrument, you should know which guitar is proper for you and then only you should proceed towards a good job.

Picking your first instrument is quite overwhelming. Whether electric or acoustic, choosing the right features and a great instrument is the first step of a beautiful career. Also, now that the online platform is offering such a wide variety, many guitars are available that meet your criteria and budget as well.

So, what are the most common criteria you should follow and ask when you are in the middle of choosing and practicing the guitar!

Part 1

Choosing between the acoustic and electric options

1) Buy an acoustic if you want to experience a no-frills learning experience

Many people recommend choosing an acoustic guitar as your first instrument. This specific suggestion has a certain cause as you can start learning acoustic guitar anytime. Also, it is a hassle-free instrument that needs no accessories or electricity. But amplifiers are the real accessory if you are talking about some good sound and music. Acoustic is a real guitar that is famous for creating good sounds.

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The steel strings of the use of the most acoustic guitar can be relatively hard on your fingers.

Acoustic guitars are the actual instrument that offers excellent music, including folk, rock, country, and jazz; even the instrument is comfortable with every other style.

2) Nylon-String classical guitar is made for an easier playing experience

Classical guitars are smaller in body, and they tend to be a little easier to hold. Classical guitar is more light-weighted. The nylon strings are easier to hold and enhance the style of steel strings. This makes the guitar more prominent, and it comes with gentle features such as gentler on your fingertips.

Nylon strings classics tend to produce much quality sound and tone compared to traditional acoustic guitar.

If you want to play quietly, this can be an added advantage that you could gain.

Do you know that classical guitars have wider necks compared to traditional ones? The whole thing makes the process easier for beginners and the experts as well. But if the guitar lessons are for your kids, then a classical might be more challenging to play.

3) You can get an electric to experience more versatility

With an electric guitar, you can always find something exceptional. The electric guitar is so user-friendly that it can be used in almost any style, from classical rock to indie and beyond. Electric guitars have special controls. Like a traditional guitar or acoustic guitar, it doesn’t come with less equipment. Rather, an electric guitar needs more equipment.

Some beginners avoid buying this guitar because it is louder than acoustic, and the electric guitar needs more equipment.

During the Practice, the electric guitar needs more sound than the acoustic.

Electric guitars are versatile as acoustic, and they can be played in different styles and tones; for ultimate performance, the electric guitar is the best-suited instrument and favorite to the players.

In this article, we have discussed the Part 1 segment and enlighten you on specific guitar features, so stay tuned until we will focus on Part 2 and bring some other features and techniques of guitar lessons!