Understanding the passion of playing piano

Do you ever realize that learning piano can offer several advantages to physical and mental improvement at any age? If you don’t. Then the time has come to explore some basic facts of the piano. The piano seems a beautiful musical instrument to most of us. Still, it also carries a lot of positive advantages that improve several skills and help you be more successful in other areas in your life.

Multiple studies and research show that learning piano as an adult beginner or a kid improves success in other fields. Kids piano lessons teach the children how to nurture their future whereas piano lessons for adults enlighten the journey of an adult to be a professional in a more advanced way.

Playing piano and being a successful musician is most of the learners’ dreams. Before enrolling in piano lessons in Singapore, you need to learn what piano offers? Here is a list of some essential skills that you will master by practicing the piano and achieve a successful career:

piano lessons for adults

Piano sharpens the concentration

Piano is such a concrete musical instrument that seeks much attention and concentration to play appropriately with the notes and tunes. You have to be more focused on the rhythm, pitch, tempo, note duration, and several other things that deeply involve a serious learning method. You can enjoy your piano if you adhere to these several concepts and go through a multi-level concentration exercise.

When you pick up an instrument, fireworks start running towards your vein and brain to perform outstandingly, and that can only be achieved by executing a lot of concentration during practice.

Learning the piano helps you to achieve discipline

Playing the piano could be quite challenging, and it needs proper concentration during the placement of your finger position. However, practicing piano lessons for adults frequently can help you to gain active perseverance and discipline. Discipline can bring you the ultimate success. You have to practice reading repeatedly, and then only you could find a “magic key” to break the lock of your successful future.

Learning the piano increases the memory capacity

Playing and learning the piano stimulates your brain. When you are in the process of playing songs with piano, remember that some of the stimulated parts of your brain become larger and, therefore, more active. It actively participates in the activity that your brain orders. These specific areas are responsible for the storage of audio information. Perhaps, these things are getting more developed based on the performance and activities.

So, when you are ready to play or perform something, you gained the ability to increase your audio information.

Improve your emotional intelligence

Experts suggest that playing the piano is a wonderful experience and offers many learning advantages. One of them is, it enhances your listening skills. You will get habituated with the specific feature when you are seriously starting working on piano. This particular feature, along with other things, has been considered central, especially when interacting with people. Talking about emotion, it is a thing that can be achieved not only by facial expressions, but it involves severe body language and tone of voice, speed of speech and melody of speech of course.

Studies have revealed the truth that musicians are more perspective in interpreting others’ emotions and are better listeners.

Do you have to be very young to start piano lessons? Insight of the adult beginner

Experts say it is a myth that you have to be young to start your lesson. ‘better late than never’. However, research also shows that the best time to learn any musical instrument as a child involves several activities and gain more time to practice to be a pro. But, if your goal is to be a professional piano player and you are passionate about that! Then age doesn’t matter to start the journey.

As an adult beginner, you can achieve the learning ability more quickly. You can find plenty of successful pianists, both professionals, and amateurs that started adult piano lessons as an old beginner. Generally, adults have the tendency to develop focus and discipline that kids don’t possess. Adults have more knowledge to accept the practical towards learning a lesson whereas kids do not find it interesting.

You can start taking piano lessons at the age of 90 or 9. Any age is fine as it depends on the potentiality of yours. You can be able to weave your dream by taking piano lessons for adults.

What about the kids?

We know how much music education matters in child development. Therefore, parents have to be more active in enrolling their kids in piano classes as it helps to frame their mental strength, physical ability, emotional intelligence, memory boosting, and more. Study shows that sitting down with your child is a fantastic bonding activity. Piano learning can be a fun element or instrument to your kid if you guide her properly.

There are plenty of piano lessons for kids available in the market. These lessons gradually help to adapt the language skill to a child, which has been considered a necessary skill for each musician.

But that’s not all. Studies have also shown that music education, especially piano lessons for kids, works like a super formula to adapt spatial-temporal skills. Children are gradually solving puzzles more quickly.

piano lessons for kids

Significant differences between the adult and child piano learner

Adult Piano Learner

Adults are always more mature than children and understand the practical outcomes of learning a musical instrument.

Adults are much aware of their passion and goals. They start learning an instrument out of intense love towards their musical instrument.

Adults can have better muscle control compared to children.

Most of the adults do not take pressure on learning the skills as they are aware of the learning activities.

Adults carry a longer attention span compared to children

Generally adults are more self-disciplined and tend to achieve their goal.

Child Piano Learner

As a child, they get much more time to improve and adapt the techniques.

Children have better musical memory, and it enables them to develop better hearing.

Most of the children have less attention to detail towards their classes.

Children are less-conscious while playing a musical instrument and often get confused about learning such an instrument.

Children have more flexible fingers that help to hold or play the instrument properly.

To conclude

Music works as a therapy for everybody, be it child or adult. However, piano lessons Singapore help to dream big for a child learner and more prominent professionally for an adult beginner. Your friends might laugh at you sitting down with you if you are aged enough, but at the end of the day, you will be able to create magic with your hands! Start your journey now.