From the dawn of the musical industry, the guitar has emerged as the victory stand for all music lovers. It has upheld the music industry on its high note and catering to millions of enthusiasts to pursue their dreams. Guitar has its space in the industry that has profoundly embedded. In the late 60s and 70s, the guitar has produced new genres of music like pop, jazz, and acoustic versions. After rock music hit the whole world, the popularity of the guitar had gone skyrocketing. Even today, with more technical and technological advancement in the music sector, the guitar somehow managed to take the upper hand.

Guitar lessons are just catering to that legacy by serving all the students and helping them to get their feet in the music industry. With the help of the course, students can land a suitable career for themselves.

Course overview

Guitar lessons Singapore is doing well in the musical arena as the leading training course. However, students must clear all the perks of this course before opting for it.

guitar lessons

Beginners course for guitar

Novice students who are about to start their musical careers can opt for guitar lessons for beginners. This course will defiantly benefit all those students and help them proceed to the next level. Students who are above age six can apply for this course.

In this course, students will study the basic things about the guitar and will also be exposed to live concerts. In addition, this course will teach them chords, intonations, and notations of all kinds. Finally, with all six strings and their inscriptions in place, students will also learn some musical pieces.

Guitar lessons for kids

At the age of seven, kids are in possession of theta consciousness. Their observation skills are high, and they ponder upon many questions that will serve them the answers of the universe. This is the best time to do something creative for the kids, and guitar lessons Singapore will swim through the ocean of music.

Guitar lessons for kids will instill discipline and patience in them and give them two life lessons that will help them to build their character.

Guitar lessons for adults

Adults are the attention seekers of society, and they are in constant need of validation. Unfortunately, this could lead them to self-sabotage. Guitar lessons for adults teach them the classes of guitar and give them something to ponder upon to build their self-esteem.

Several adults are there who do not have any ties with the music industry. Guitar lessons are guiding them too and helping them to find their feet in the music industry.

Course details

Guitar lessons Singapore is in the music market for so long that they know all the tricks and techniques. Despite several hiccups during their reign, they managed to stand out from everyone else. In the current musical market, there is no other institute that is that successful. Here are some courses that are provided to the students.

Acoustic guitar lessons

Music lovers who love authenticity and peacefulness in their life can opt for this course. Acoustic guitar lessons are the first offering of the guitar lessons, and it caters to thousands of students who are passionate about it. In the 60s and early 70s, the acoustic guitar was thriving on its merit.

Nowadays, it has emerged as the pinnacle of the guitar industry. In the modern time of social media and the internet, acoustic versions of all popular songs are creating history and breaking all records.

Electric guitar lessons

Rock music has always shocked the world, and the impact it is still catering to millions of guitar enthusiasts. In the late 70s and 80s, rock music has been officially commercialized by Hollywood. Curt Cobain, The Eagles, and all the rock bands serve the rock music industry and create history. Guitar lessons Singapore ensures that all the enthusiastic students about rock music will get the most exemplary training program for their upcoming future.

Classical guitar lessons

Music gurus and veterans use this musical instrument, and it is meant for them. This course will help students to develop a taste for the classical guitar. Because of its authenticity and uniqueness, it is tough to handle. This course will help students to take their first step to a musical career.

Questions that can be asked

Before opting for the course, students must know all the perks of the course to choose wisely. Here are some questions that students can ponder before selecting these courses.

guitar lessons Singapore

What is the cost of it?

The motto of guitar lessons is to bring affordable guitar courses for all the students who belong to different economic backgrounds. Therefore, students can opt for the course, and they can thrive in the musical industry. Although to get high-quality guitars, students have to pay more than usual. But with the rental program, students can afford it.

What is the right age to start?

For children, the right age to start is age seven. At that age, kids are so much observant and ponder different questions. To instill discipline and patience into their guitar lessons Singapore has designed the course. Adults can start whenever they want, but the best time to invest in these courses is at age seven.

What is the difference between acoustic and classical guitar?

An acoustic guitar is very much easy to handle, and classical guitar is a bit difficult. Students who are about to start their journey and in the beginners or intermediate course should not opt for classical guitar. Anyone can use an acoustic guitar, and it is elementary to learn. Students who want to thrive in the music industry can opt for the acoustic guitar.


According to the guideline of ABRSM or the Associated Board of Royal School of Music, guitar lessons cater to the urges of the students and serve the great cause. Music is a healer, and guitar is the medicine of it. With these two combined human souls and minds will be elevated and live peacefully. Therefore, the guitar will remain at the pinnacle of the music industry for the upcoming decade, and it will shoot for the stars.