A piece of in-depth knowledge on the instrument

Have you ever found yourself excited to learn a new musical instrument? If yes, you must opt for something that is equally interesting and exciting – you can enjoy a musical lesson at your fullest with none other than ukulele, the best choice to start an interesting musical career. Ukulele has been considered one of the finest instruments that have offered you immense pleasure within its music delivery.

Thus, if you are interested in this specific element, you can start learning ukulele lessons Singapore.

Now, the biggest question is: How to choose the right ukulele, especially for beginners?

Are you facing hardship finding a quality ukulele for you? Ukulele is a passionate musical element with many things to offer; indeed, before you take the ukulele class Singapore, you have to find the perfect match. Initial days will be hard, but once you get accustomed to this instrument, you might find it really easy to understand its details. Choosing the instrument is one of the best solutions to start a career. The most beloved ukulele follows one of the easiest methods that you can firmly believe in.

When you make a quick search on Amazon with the keyword ukulele, perhaps the overwhelming results will increase your struggle instead of lowering it. Every ukulele is different and is from a different size, price, model, and brand.

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With the countless options available both in the online and physical world, making an informed decision is a necessity.

How to choose your very first instrument (ukulele)?

Yes, the procedure may seem daunting to you, but you need to accomplish the task effortlessly so that you do not have to regret it in future. Although the hundreds of different models are out there offering endless combinations of steel/wood and many more, the fundamentals remain the same for the instrument; you can witness the same motto. However, you can find your solution through ukulele class Singapore. During practice, you will find the utmost answers to the ukulele lesson. Now, we help you determine the appropriate and most efficient musical instrument that comes with the proper budget, right physical size and taste.

Pick the correct Body Size and Price Range

The first and foremost section must opt for a unique and healthy ukulele that is the correct size. It is always recommended that aspirants willing to buy their first ukulele narrow their search by checking the price and their body size. Once both of these significant factors have been written down, you will find choosing is no more difficult.

Size that matters

Choosing your first ukulele must be correct in size; a musical instrument, especially a stringed instrument, should hold the correct size so that you can at least start a trial lesson. Generally, ukuleles come in four different sizes.





Among these, the most popular size is mostly renowned soprano; this has been recognized as one of the truest ukulele sizes that causes benefit to the students. Since the soprano size is the smallest, it is the traditional ukulele played by many players, and it is easy to handle. Moreover, the suitability of the ukulele also depends on its various sizes. As the day passes, the size of ukulele has evolved and comes with different approaches – fingerstyle solos, jazz, classical solos, etc. However, even many players prefer the ukulele that comes with a ling fretboard. This particular system helps to provide a wider range of notes that you can’t even imagine.

Make a choice of the price range

If you are upset, research the price range. The most humble request Is from the experts that do not buy a low-quality instrument. Whenever you attempt a cheap instrument, your most beloved thing will have no dignity and be powerless; the ukulele is one of the cheapest and inexpensive products you ever found. If you want to spend more, you certainly have no limitation, but if you’re going to know about the minimum amount you need to buy a quality ukulele, you can set a minimum budget from $50 to $100.

The beginning should always be better; you need to think beyond the barrier. Ukulele has always been an excellent choice for beginners in the music industry. This is a good range for beginners to find quality built instruments that are comfortable to play and sound great. There are no limitations to spending more if you want but being a beginner who will be taking the ukulele class Singapore; you can start from a reasonable budget. When you opt for a particular class, they will eventually help you through various knowledge on buying a good ukulele.

The ukuleles available in this price range can be played easily for a longer time period with the need for upgrading. Besides, it gives you the room to move to the more expensive models if you think your old ukulele is not able to match up to your needs.

So, what do you get when you are spending more

Remember, as we mentioned that there are no limitations to ukuleles if you have no budget limitations.

So, what are the major advantages of spending more on your first ukulele? There is not a single answer to this question, as the more you keep increasing your budget, the more you will start witnessing the following things.

Appealing cosmetic features like rosettes, inlays, and bindings

Better playability and craftsmanship

Exotic materials and wood

Quality electronics to be able to pay using an amp

Solid back, sides, and wooden top

Some of the known brands like Kamaka or Martin are available at high price tags and are certainly the best choice for your investment. These are considerably more expensive models than the others available in the market.

Electric or Acoustic: What to choose and why?  

You have probably found that guitar has these particular segments to choose from, but are you surprised to know that the ukulele also has the same features? Yes, because the ukulele is more like a small and cheaper version of the guitar. Now that you have set your budget and you can find the correct size of the instrument, it is time to focus on the type of instrument. You must decide first if you want to go for the acoustic ukuleles or electric ones. Electric ukuleles can be a good choice if you are looking for outstanding performance that offers huge volume and sound.

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But if it is not in a crowded room and you are just practicing all the while, acoustic can be a good choice as it can help you to save some money. Moreover, you would not require much knowledge of the tonal features that are a must in the electric ukuleles.

Remember, all you need at first is to know what you are looking forward to. Then, upon understanding your needs, you can move ahead to know more.

Still, if you have found any complexity regarding buying the proper ukulele, you can simply go with these options:

Borrow a friend’s old ukulele for practice

Narrow down your options with your budget

Below, you can find a list of the top five best ukuleles in the market. However, you can go for other options as well. This is just for your knowledge.

The following recommendations are based on an expert’s experience; if you want, you can choose other ukuleles of your choice; it is recommended if you have any mentor who guides your kid on ukulele lessons for kids or teaches you ukulele class Singapore, you can buy the instrument according to their preferences.

Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukulele

Lanikai KU-21 Soprano Ukulele

Cardoba 15cm Concert Ukulele

Donner Concert Mahogany Ukulele w/Case, Strap and Tuner

Bottom Line

If you are a passionate learner, then ukulele lessons Singapore is the appropriate platform to start your musical career. All you need is to be dedicated and passionate enough to hold the activity. There’s never been a better time to start learning the ukulele, and as this is one of the most user-friendly and pocket-friendly instruments, you can begin very quickly also, there are a lot of resources available to guide you to become a successful ukulele player.