Pickups are a fantastic piece of equipment for acoustic guitars. These are a traditional magnet/coil type that mounts in the soundhole or the piezo under-saddle type. These are mainly used during guitar lessons and are deemed one of the most extraordinary things since the string winder. Just think about it. You need not mess around with a microphone to amplify your acoustic. All you have to do is plug and play! So you must be wondering that this is the best solution to mic an acoustic guitar during your guitar lessons Singapore.

But hold on!

Why Do You Need A Microphone in Your Acoustic Guitar Lessons?

It is a fact that modern pickup and preamp systems offer a level of convenience that using a mic can’t match. However, many things promote the comfort of using a microphone during your guitar lessons. This is one of the most extraordinary things you can do to amplify the sound of your acoustic guitar.

One of the most probable reasons to use a microphone is that most guitars do not come with an in-built pickup. So in some cases, it wouldn’t be a good thing to install it.

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Another reason is the tone of your guitar. When you install a pickup, it might not give an accurate representation of how your acoustic sounds. This fact is irrelevant to the technology used in making the pickups. Even if you have installed the best pickup in the market, you won’t get that true essence of your guitar lessons Singapore. Using a microphone during recording is more important. Whenever you are playing in a live environment, you would want your audience to enjoy a rich tone that you will be playing when ‘unplugged.’ After all, you are playing the guitar to embrace the full appreciation of your audience!

How Do You Use A Microphone With An Acoustic Guitar?

There are a lot of factors you would want to consider while playing your guitar. If you are new to this technique, take a few minutes to get a hold of your guitar lessons. There are a few possibilities that seem endless. However, if you can understand these, it will be beneficial for you to a great extent.

Which Is The Best Microphone For An Acoustic Guitar?

The type of microphone you use for your gigs determines whether you can make or break your sound. Typically, condenser mics are used for this scenario. A condenser mic works with much softer, more delicate sounds for those who do not know about microphones. Thus, a higher frequency is conducted while using these microphones.

It would be best to consider buying a condenser mic that you can use with your acoustic guitar. There are two variants of these. One comes with a smaller diaphragm while the other with a larger diaphragm. The ones with the smaller diaphragms are best suited for getting the most accurate sound reproduction. The ones with the larger diaphragms are best for dynamics and expression.

You can always experiment with different mics to record your acoustic guitar lessons. Nothing is stopping you!

Where Should You Place The Microphone?

Although a minor detail, this is one of the most critical factors you need to look for while taking guitar lessons. Your mic’s position is crucial since it determines the quality of the sound you’ll get at the other end of the mic.

It might seem expected that you must place the mic right in front of the soundhole. But we are wholly against that. The reason is simple! The soundhole emits all the sound waves and power coming straight out of the guitar.

Honestly speaking, there is no “best” place to keep your microphone during your guitar lessons Singapore. It is entirely dependent on what you’re looking to achieve. For example, you’ll get more emphasis on higher frequencies if your mic is placed towards the neck.

If you want to place the mic at the bottom of your guitar, you might have to move it towards the bridge. Yet, we suggest that you should put it higher, near the bass strings.

Is It Sensible To Use Two Microphones At Once?

Yes, many professional guitarists prefer having two microphones during their gigs. Using two microphones is a great way to supplement the overall tone of your instrument. If you want to use two of them, place one closer to the neck while one down by the bridge. You could also try different techniques with the microphone, such as placing one closer to the guitar while the other is a few feet away.

How Is Mic Placement Technique Different For a Live Setting and a Recording Environment?

There is a lot of difference in mic placement techniques for a live setting and a recording environment.

The techniques mentioned above are perfect for execution in the studio. However, if you are playing live, some things are just common sense.

Let’s consider an example here. Usually, one mic is enough for a gig. However, some musicians prefer to break it down in a simple way. Using fewer mics means there’s less to set up, soundcheck, worry about not working, etc.

The distance has to be ideal. Studio environments are relatively controlled, and once your mic is set, you won’t be moving around too much. All you have to do is stay concerned about the perfect solo!

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This is not the case with live sessions. It’s a fair statement to say that you may tend to be a little more high-spirited once you play at a gig than you would in a studio. While using a mic during a live gig, you would want not to move around too much!

Either you will get out of range of the mic, or you’ll hit it. And that isn’t good.


As with most other things in this world, there is no hard and fast rule as to the ultimate ‘best way’ to take your guitar lessons. All you need are some basic guidelines to help you save some time with your gig or recording sessions.

When using a mic during your acoustic guitar lessons Singapore, you need to make sure that you use a high-quality mic. This will ensure that you have the best sound reproduction.

There are many differences between playing a live gig and laying down some tracks in the studio. So, ensure that you take imperative precautions to prepare for any such techniques.