When it comes to taking lessons for your kids, being parents we all look for the best teachers. Undoubtedly with the several choices available in the market, you will be provided with tons of options from where you can make your choice, but then again you need to know the things which you should not be doing.

Yes, generally we are so busy in looking for the best that we avoid checking the mistakes. If you are still not aware of the mistakes that you can do in the meantime, then this article will become a lot helpful in finding the mistakes that you should be avoiding while choosing a piano teacher to get great piano lessons for kids.

Piano lessons

  • Not considering full-time commitment:

You should know that when you are wanting your kid to play any musical instrument like a pro, it is not something that will only have half an hour. You should know that there is a need for practicing when you want them to play any instrument. Moreover, when it comes to choosing a music school, you should be ready to invest time on preparing the lessons, for recitals, travelling from one to another lesson and perhaps getting ready for the tests or competitions.

So, will you have to invest long hours to follow the dreams and let your kid know in and out of the instrument? Well, of course, not but definitely you need to dedicate a few hours from your daily life to practice. Whether you are choosing a school or a teacher, you should know that you need to dedicate a few hours on practicing the instrument every week. There will be lesson timing and each lesson will be time consuming.

Even when it is not full-time commitment, it is a commitment for long years.

  • Not considering full-cost:

Most of the time you will find that monthly fees or fees per lessons. This might not seem unaffordable, but you need to think long term. Before choosing a school or a teacher, you should know the number of years required or registration fee, charges of materials and books and so on to understand the total price that you need to pay.

If you are not able to decide the best choice for your kid, then the best choice for you will be to get in touch with Stradivari Strings. They are the best choice as they ensure taking care of your needs keeping your budget in mind. Also, they have some of the best trainers and properly designed courses for the different levels of learners in order to offer the best training to their students.

  • Not checking much about the trainer:

Well, being a responsible mother and father, the most important thing that you need to do is to check in details about the trainers. Take for example this music teacher who created a tik-tok
song expressing how we feel about online learning:


As a parent, if one criteria is that the trainer is active on social media so as to engage students,
then this type of teacher will suit.

Most of the parents when choose a great institute they are not eager to know much about the trainers, which is one of the biggest mistakes. If you want to stay assured that you are making the right choice then consider checking more about the trainer. Make sure that not only they are skilled and experienced but also they are constantly into music which is a sign of their passion. A passionate teacher is far better than someone who is solely into technical.

  • Not checking anything except credentials:

Now there are again some parents who are responsible enough to ask in details about the teacher but they are limited to checking their educational degree. No doubt that there are trainers who have graduated from the prestigious university or have gone for further education, but is this enough? Definitely, a big no. You know why a certificate does not decide their credibility because it shows their education but not their passion for music.

Instead, check whether the trainer is into some live performance or is constantly into music. This will help you to understand the type of training your kids will get.

  • Not choosing a teacher with similar goals:

This is one of the most common mistakes made by the parents. Choosing a good teacher is not the end of task, you should know their goals. Your kid might want to become a solo performance or a part of the band or into becoming a teacher and much more. There is a need for knowing the goals first and then choosing a school or a teacher. Or may you find that your kid is into playing music not for any type of professional reason it is just because they are passionate about it.

  • Not choosing the right school:

This is one of the biggest mistake or bad decision that a parent can take for their kid. You will find several choices of schools available in the market but unless you choose the best, you will not be able to obtain great services. Therefore make sure you check in details before you make a decision of the school. If you are looking for a good choice, Stradivari Strings can be a great choice for you. They offer range of service and have the best trainer to help you attain the goals.

piano lessons for kids

So, these are some of the biggest mistakes that most of the parents make while choosing a music school. If you are looking for Piano lessons for adults, Stradivari Strings can be a great choice. They have the apt courses and trainers who can be a great choice for your kids along with adults. You can get in touch with them to know in details about the courses.