Did you know the fact that learning any musical instrument is a soulful experience for life? Experts say that people who practice an instrument are more likely to be high achievers. Proper music training can entirely change your life forever and brings success for every part of your life. Learning a piano is a blessing and it helps outsource vibrant and positive energy to the listener. It creates a magical mood within a minute! While you are devoting yourself to piano lessons Singapore, you may feel interested in improving several skills that will help you be more successful in other areas such as University or work. Multiple studies show that learning piano works like music therapy through which you could gain positive energy to drive your life positively!

We continuously search for ways to improve our lives through mental and physical satisfaction. We need to stay calm in every stage of our lives, but we have always been moving around with tensions and peer pressure that make our lives more complicated. Piano lessons for adults are such a good idea to keep motivated yourself, and the practice lets the enrichment foster within yourself. Most of the time, we tend to forget many basic things related to our lives and enrich our mental and physical benefits. You would eventually notice that taking piano lessons could be helpful and work as a stress buster. For instance, it has been scientifically proven that playing a musical instrument like Piano enhances your skills and contributes to your health throughout life!

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 The piano seems a beautiful musical instrument to most of us. Still, it also carries many positive advantages that improve several skills and help you be more successful in other areas in your life. Multiple studies and research show that learning piano as an adult beginner or a kid improves other fields’ success. Piano lessons for kids teach the children how to nurture their future, whereas adult piano lessons enlighten an adult’s journey to be a professional in a more advanced way. It is the fact that piano is such an extraordinary musical instrument that enhances your skills and carries several contributions to your health throughout life.

From a child to an adult beginner, everyone desires to be a piano player. It has such enigmatic charisma that it attracts people of every age and gender. Suppose you have decided to be a part of the musical instrument learning or ready to enroll your child into the piano lessons Singapore. In that case, you should know some of the basic facts and benefits that will help you to understand the instrument more concisely. Some general points that are applicable for both child and adult are:

Piano relieves the stress

You may know the term: piano soothes the soul – commented by someone expert on piano. But it is the universal truth. Piano works as a stress buster. Even if you are dedicated enough to give some of your precious time to practicing the instrument, you can gain various advantages, such as it can lower the blood pressure and make you feel much more positive. Playing piano helps out to reduce the stage fright out of people.

Intensifying Split Personality

Scientific studies proved that music tends to enhance the organs and helps to stimulate the brain in a way that no other activity does. Therefore, playing a musical instrument, significantly piano adds multiple new neural connections that develop some higher tiers in the brain. These newly developed neural connections assist the brain in stimulating the study materials and daily life chores of a kid and adult both.

Strengthens Hand Muscles

Proper positioning of your hands and correct adjustment of posture helps to make your arms stronger. By maintaining the right posture, you can gain flexible and more robust hand muscles to work like a pro. Thus, piano is an excellent way of developing dexterity among children as well.

Improve the emotional intelligence

Experts suggest that playing the piano is a beautiful experience and offers many learning advantages. One of them is, it enhances your listening skills. You will get habituated with the specific feature when you are seriously starting working on piano. This particular feature, along with other things, has been considered central, especially when interacting with people. Talking about emotion, it is a thing that can be achieved not only by facial expressions, but it involves severe body language and tone of voice, speed of speech, and melody of speech, of course.

Improving the practice skills with these basic chords and learning the techniques

These basic chords are used in most pop songs that are based on a simple standard chord progression of four chords.

The chord progression consists of four basic chords:

C Major (chord symbol “C”)

G Major (chord symbol “G”)

A Minor (chord symbol “Am”)

F Major (chord symbol “F”)

These chords may seem challenging to play or improvise, but if you take 15-20 minutes to memorize the chords and then you will be able to play them effortlessly. These chords symbol in the sheets that will help to commit them to memory.

piano lessons for kids

Some noteworthy differences exist between the adult and child piano learner

Adult Piano Learner

Adult learners always act mature than children and understand the practical outcomes of learning a musical instrument.

They tend to be aware of their passion and goals and start learning an instrument out of intense love towards their musical instrument.

If you are an adult piano learner, you can eventually understand and have better muscle control than children.

Adults do not take pressure on learning the skills as they are aware of the learning activities.

You can carry a longer attention span compared to children.

Self-disciplined is expected, and they tend to achieve their goal.

Child Piano Learner

A kid always gets much more time to improve and adapt to the techniques.

Children have better musical memory, and it enables them to develop better hearing.

Most of the children have less attention to detail towards their classes.

They are less-conscious while playing a musical instrument and often get confused about learning such an instrument.

Kids have more advantages on having flexible fingers that help to hold or play the instrument properly.

Piano Myth Buster

“Don’t you have to be very young to start piano lessons?” – Do you believe in this? If your answer is yes, then please, you don’t have to. It is a real myth that as an adult beginner, you can not start learning piano at this age! If you search, you could easily get results because plenty of successful pianists, both professionals, and amateurs, started adult piano lessons as an older beginner! Now, they are rocking the floor wherever they go and perform! Always remember that you are never too old to learn to play the piano! You can start learning and practicing piano at the age of 5 or 50. It doesn’t matter!

“A love for music underlies everything we do” – Lindeblad. Music doesn’t let anyone down on this planet. The most beautiful and precious gift of music culture is – Piano. The sophisticated musical instrument that touches the heart of every age is it a kid or an adult. However, piano lessons Singapore shapes and enriches a true aspirant’s possibilities to build the right musical career.