If musical instruments were made in a science lab, scientists would create something approachable, easy to hold, and unpretentious. Thus, the introduction of the ukulele would have been pretty early! This instrument is quite impressive. This is perfect for musical folk and non-musicians alike. Taking ukulele lessons Singapore has vast benefits to everyone ranging from small children to the elderly. If you’re interested in joining a ukulele class Singapore for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a few reasons why everyone should be playing ukulele for you in this blog.

Reason 1: Ukuleles Are Compact And Portable

Ukuleles are one of the smallest instruments in the world! This is a perfect instrument if you want to experience something small, portable, and easy to hold. Pianos and guitars can be a real pain to transport to and from work or musical performances. With an average-sized ukulele weighing in at just under a pound, traveling around with it is a breeze.

ukulele lessons Singapore

Being one of the most portable instruments, ukuleles are also much less complicated to hold than guitars. Thus, these are perfect for children and smaller-than-average adults. Taking ukulele lessons Singapore would help you to master this instrument to the fullest. Holding a guitar can be difficult for some kids and adults. However, the ukulele’s small size and lightweight frame make it a magnificent instrument to learn.

Ukuleles are also pretty durable. These are also cheap compared to any other musical instrument. Thus, you need not be paranoid about it getting broken if you decide to take it along with camping or on road trips.

Reason 2: You Can Play A Wide Variety Of Songs On The Ukulele

Most of the popular songs can be played on the ukulele pretty easily. Likewise, difficult songs with complex chord progressions can be played on the ukulele without any issues. This means that most forms of music can be played on the ukulele.

If you’re a singer looking for an instrument to work with, taking ukulele lessons Singapore can help you with this. And with a massive amount of free ukulele-related resources out there on the web, it is pretty easy to adapt to your favorite songs.

Even the complicated chords can be made simple on the ukulele. This is due to the instrument’s simple construction. Instruments like guitars feature huge ranges of notes. The ukulele’s limited range makes it easy to adapt songs on it.

Reason 3: Ukulele Is One Of World’s Friendliest Instruments For Aspiring Musicians

Everything about the ukulele makes it one of the simplest instruments to play on the planet. If you’re trying to find a starter instrument for a young child or just something fun to pick up yourself, the ukulele is your best bet! Likewise, if your child takes ukulele lessons for kids, they can quickly get accustomed to this instrument.

This instrument is operated in a very similar way to any other stringed instrument. However, its nylon strings are much easier to hold and press down compared to guitars and basses. Children and even adults struggle to learn how to play guitars. It can take plenty of time to develop protective calluses on fingers. These are needed to press the strings down and generate sound without any pain.

Learning how to press the strings down is a painless and straightforward process on the ukulele. It can take loads of time before guitar students learn to arrange their fingers to create chord shapes. But many young students can play chords on the ukulele after one 30-minute lesson. So if you want an easy introduction to the world of music for your child, ukulele lessons for kids are a phenomenal place to get started.

Reason 4: The Top-Notch Ukuleles Are Inexpensive

If you want to know how to play any other instrument, you’ll have to make a sizable investment. For example, guitars don’t really get good until you hit the $400-$500 range. Moreover, there is the cost of an amplifier and cables if you decide to go with an electric one.

So, what about ukuleles? The highest quality ukuleles cost around $300 max. And there’s plenty of options out there. So, why are ukuleles so cheap? An average ukulele is about 1/7th the size of an average guitar. This means that there are fewer materials and workload involved. So, ukuleles are an inexpensive investment if you’re looking for something to experiment with.

But remember that all ukuleles are not created equally. If you want to take the best ukulele lessons in Singapore, make sure that you spend the teacher’s fees.

Do proper research before you take ukulele lessons Singapore. You must always go to the best teacher so that you can progress with your music lessons.

Reason 5: Ukuleles Are A Phenomenal Primer For Other Stringed Instruments

Do you want to learn a stringed instrument? Then, taking ukulele lessons Singapore would be a great option. The ukulele is operated in a similar way to most other stringed instruments. Most stringed instruments work the same way, except that the uke can be played much easier for beginners than other instruments.

If you aren’t sure if you’re ready to make the financial and time investment yet, all the skills you develop while playing uke can be transferred to the guitar. For example, many of the chord shapes you master on the ukulele will show up later on the guitar, with different chord names.

ukulele lessons Singapore

Now, this doesn’t mean that the ukulele is a poor man’s guitar. On the contrary, it’s a versatile instrument that’s able to stand entirely on its own. So if you do think about learning how to play the guitar after you’ve experimented with the ukulele for a bit, you’ll be able to have access to two incredible instruments.

Ending Note

Here are the top reasons why taking ukulele lessons Singapore is beneficial. First, it is pretty easy to get a grasp of this instrument. You would have to find an expert teacher to help with your lessons. Second, the right ukulele teacher can help you to learn this instrument efficiently.