If you are someone who believes that your life is surrounded by music and you embrace it, it is certainly a great choice. This is a general expression of people who are mostly into music and love spending time with music. There are people who love listening while others who strongly want to get involved in it as they feel the soul pleasure by playing their musical instrument.

Such people breathe and live music and make it a daily chore. They are often eager to play an instrument, and therefore, it requires taking proper lessons from a renowned music institution. The options of instruments are certainly huge. Irrespective of most of the population love music, hardly a few are willing to put effort into learning a musical instrument. Every instrument has its own style and sound that intrigues different personalities towards them.

The violin is one of the very basic and unique instruments from the various choices of instruments available. It has a very flat, unique, touchy, melodic, and harmonious sound to it. It can be combined with any other instruments because of the impressive and unique sound that it offers. Even if you want to be a solo player, you can stay assured that people will be mesmerized by you and your ability to play the violin.

There is no doubt that everyone has their own style, and some people will love to play other string instruments. Beginning can be a hard procedure and a risky endeavor that people generally tend to face while learning something. This is the reason why it is crucial to check properly about the way to conquer and achieve the goals prior to diving into it.

Therefore just to help you, today, we will check the points to consider before choosing the violin as an instrument to learn.

  • Motivation and goals: 

Aspirants who are looking forward to learning the violin require considering their goals associated with the instrument. Everyone has a different agenda and motivation. A group of people would love to take violin lessons and would love to play music till death. They are more than happy to devote their energy and time to the learning process. Such people consider music as their world. Violin is no less than oxygen to them, and therefore, they are solely devoted.

There is a second group that takes violin lesson as their educational purpose. They take the classes to learn music art. They learn the different styles of music so that they can use it for their educational purpose.

The third group takes violin classes as the violin is their favorite instrument. They are not ready to invest much of their time and energy in learning, but they love practicing. It does not denote that such people cannot be a great violinist, as practice is always the key.

So you first need to think about the group you belong to. Also, make sure that you intend to take classes seriously and practice regularly to become a good violinist.

  • Physical and mental ability: 

There is always a need to consider the physical and mental abilities that one needs to invest in the learning procedure. Whatever instrument you choose to play or master, it will primarily be overwhelming.

It depends a lot on the hearing ability of the person. There are several numbers of violinists who are known for their amazing talent. The person who is willing to take the lesson needs to consider their mental and physical stability.

When you are considering violin, you should focus on the posture as it is a crucial aspect of the process. Mentally you need to be ready to have patience as learning violin is not something that happens overnight. If a person who has an understanding of music and enough motivation to become successful, nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.

  • Age: 

This is another very genuine consideration. Age should be a focus on irrespective of whoever is taking the lesson. You definitely have the entire life to learn, but then again, starting from an early age is considered the best and much more effective. Besides, if someone is over 50, it is difficult to play the violin as it can be challenging. The earlier you start, the better you become in your career.

When it comes to playing violin, a proper posture is the first mandate and then comes to positioning the body and bow. Undeniably there isn’t any age to start, but the earlier your start, the more you can harness the value and improve yourself. Even at the age of 13, someone can become a great violinist, but younger means they have more excitement and can give more effort.

Therefore if you are someone who is reading this article and thinking if you can take part in it, then yes, you definitely can. You can directly have a word with Stradivari Strings as they have the tutors to offer affordable violin lessons depending on your ability.

  • Music style: 

The style of music is another crucial factor that you need to consider. Violin is an instrument that is considered serious and for serious genres.

Some of the most common genres where violin can be used include blues, classical music, jazz, folk, etc. Therefore, beginners require considering the genre they love. Also, who does not love music from this genre? Everyone perhaps is intrigued by these genres.

Unless you feel the depth of classical music, you will never be able to become a professional violinist. Some might just love violin, others will live violin with other instruments, and hence in every step, there is a need for taking violin lessons.

Bottom Line: 

We all love the sound of the violin, but it is certainly not an easy endeavor to master this string instrument. You require guidance to play violin. You can now get in touch with Stradivari Strings to acquire the best violin lessons in Singapore from the best trainers.

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