Suppose you are someone who aims to become a guitarist, congratulations you have made the right choice. Music is something that can create an ambiance that can actually make a person feel better and get rid of frustrations.

If you have ever seen a musician, you certainly have noticed their way of dwelling into the moment and into the rhythms. They are not only in love with music but the instrument and also the entire ambiance.

This requires a lot of time and energy to become a guitarist. However, if you are willing to become a guitar player at the earliest, all you need is to practice. These are not an overnight thing, as practice makes you perfect. However, today we will look at the four tips that can help you become a guitarist.

Let’s dive in.

Tip #1: The Problem:

You need to find out the number one problem that you are facing while you are practicing. Well, the truth is you are facing a number of problems which are there at the spot. However, the only way that will defeat your problem is by practicing. When you keep practicing, you will definitely rule over the difficulty and conquer it. Get in touch with a teacher for guitar lessons for children.

Everything that practicing and problems will make is making you a better player. Motor learning, which is the same as guitar learning, is generally referred to as muscle memory. It means the capability of repeating moments so that your muscle learns to do it even without your conscious effort. This is why the guitarists can play without putting a conscious effort on strumming or chords. It seems that their fingers know everything.

Again since this is muscle memory, you need to know that it does not discriminate. If it leans bad techniques, it will retain it just like good techniques. Therefore if you are thinking of guitar lessons for kids, consider hiring a good guitar teacher.

It is crucial to stay very organized when it comes to practice and keep on analyzing while practicing. If you know your downfall and you have taken it for granted, you definitely should not. Go hand to those minute details and reconsider rectifying and practicing. Try to find the wrong in between and fix them.

The more you keep working on the bad movements, the more you get better at playing guitar.

Tip #2: Do it like you will want to: 

If you are someone who has plans of performing on stage, there are a couple of things that you need to look at to achieve the position. When taking their first jamming session, many students who release sitting down on a chair for practice and stand on stage are much different. Spending time in a standing position is important and offers a unique experience.

Talking of the guitar position, you should know that everyone looks cool when they play. Different guitarists have a different position they feel comfortable in. Even there are players who slung guitars at a low position yet plays effortlessly. However, this has been possible might be because they have longer arms and have been practicing the techniques.

For us, keeping guitars slightly up helps as it feels more like you are sitting. Keeping a playable position is always recommended.

Another different thing is volume. Most of the beginners practice guitar at a very low volume. Therefore it is recommended to practice at loud volume. Especially if you are planning to play live, practicing at louder volume is much needed.

Tip #3: The 3 P’s:

Every time when you pick the guitar, make sure you are doing all of these. The more focus will determine your understanding.

  • Play:

Every time you hear a commercial or your friend’s playing something, you should also start playing something. However, this does not mean that you need to put hours into it, but keep it short but play as much as possible. When you are playing for hours, it might result in getting frustrated when you are stuck into something.

Therefore, spend less yet quality time into playing.

  • Profit: 

When you are playing, make sure that you are doing something beneficial for yourself. Like if you are a part of a band or group that is into playing guitar, it can be highly beneficial. However, in need of making a profit, don’t stretch yourself a lot as it might result in making a deficit in your playing. Instead, it is generally the opposite, play it right, play it safe, and play the part.

  • Practice: 

Practice means to keep playing. This is done with the only agenda of improving the performance in a systematic and organized manner. Don’t just practice, but practice with a specific purpose. This is the reason why it is said that “Practice on Purpose.”

Tip #4: Ways to avoid frustration:

When it is about playing guitar, it can be a complete roller coaster ride. Hate! Love! Hate! Love! The only key to maintain a great experience is by avoiding frustrations. When it is about improvement, frustrations much have no space. The practice is the key to becoming successful and if you are looking for ways to deal with frustrations, then look at the following.

  • Think about the long term benefits whenever you get discourages
  • There will be ups and downs in your career
  • Despite goals, thinking of the outcome, keep practicing

Bottom Line: When it is about playing the guitar, you need to know that this is not something that happens overnight. A lot of practice and time needs to be invested when you are planning to learn the guitar.

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