Are you one of those hundreds of students who are thinking about taking face-to-face piano lessons Singapore? There are many members in this community who have already started with such lessons.

The choice of returning to face-to-face piano lessons Singapore is a personal one. During these last few weeks, you will see that most of the students are willing to take in-person piano lessons Singapore. This is due to the success in the vaccination rates for the COVID-19 pandemic. If all the data points in the right direction, it is worth taking piano lessons for adults.

piano lessons Singapore

The whole concept of such lessons seems intriguing! But, although it is an exciting one, there is a lot you need to consider before making it a reality.

How To Prepare Yourself For In-Person Piano Lessons Singapore?

Every teacher has a different set-up for their teaching studio. Thus, it comes down to you as an individual to work out the best options. It is, however, advised that you should conduct a risk assessment. Even if you used to go one last year, this year calls for something different! In addition, all Government Guidelines need to be followed accordingly due to the worldwide pandemic. Some of the essential things you should consider before joining piano lessons Singapore are as follows:

Choose a teacher who has two pianos. Having two of these musical instruments would allow you to play in one while your teacher demonstrates in the other one. Getting such a teacher is difficult. This is because they aren’t able to afford two instruments at once.

If you didn’t get a teacher with two instruments, you would have to frequently clean the keyboard. Do not rub the piano with anything alcohol-based. Using alcohol on the keyboard could lead to damaged keys.

Ensure that your teacher has a one-way system of entering and leaving their classes.

If the teaching room is big enough, ensure that you have a distance of two meters from the other students.

Always carry a sanitizer with yourself. Use it frequently to avoid the transmission of the virus.

Use a paper towel to wipe the piano before using it.

As a student, make sure that you carry your own piano pencil.

Ask your parents to drop you off at your piano lessons Singapore and go! However, they can remain close to the venue in case of any emergencies.

Additional Points To Prepare Yourself For In-Person Piano Lessons Singapore

Online lessons are pretty exhausting. Various teachers faced different issues when it came to such online classes. It is pretty tiring when it comes to new ways of taking piano lessons Singapore. However, since we have already been in online lessons throughout 2020, get ready to start feeling exhausted with the in-person lessons.

Here are some of the advanced points you can consider before joining your in-person piano lessons Singapore.

Initially, start going to one class per week. If things seem normal, you can ask your teacher to conduct two classes a week, which is more than enough for your piano lessons in Singapore.

Make sure that you are vaccinated. Ask your teacher to tell the students to bring their vaccination certificates along with them before their classes.

Carry a bottle of hand cream with you at all times. Constantly applying sanitizers leaves hands quite rough, so regular application of hand cream is a must.

Benefits Of Taking Piano Lessons For Adults

There are various things which you would have to consider before joining piano lessons for adults. However, learning this instrument has some great benefits, whether redefining your relationship with the lessons or enjoying precious solo time.

Your gain access to a meditative state of mind

Learning music theory while taking piano lessons Singapore is great for progress! If you think about learning the piano, it has a tremendous meditative effect! In short, it relaxes the brain.

When you play this particular instrument, you can feel the sensation of your fingers pressing against the keys or strings. Soon you would find that you are entirely aware of your emotional reaction to the music.

piano lessons for adults

Various players have noted the meditative, relaxing effect of playing music on their consciousness.

Reconnect with the songs you love

When you are taking piano lessons in Singapore, it is customary to expect to play your favorite songs. It might take some time, yet having a personal connection with your instrument would lead to a motivated practice session. Moreover, you can try to learn classical music on your piano. Learning such a form of music will lead to a calm mind. Once you grasp your piano lessons Singapore, it is like working out on a good mix. You will soon learn songs that would really move you!

Start by learning the easy versions of your favorite songs.

The most important thing is PRACTICE.

Sometimes, you might not feel like practicing!

This doesn’t mean that you give up on practice! This also doesn’t mean that you should not take lessons at all. When it comes to balancing work, personal time, and family, flexibility is the key!

Keep learning constantly

A beginner’s mind has lots of possibilities. An expert’s mind, there are a few.

When you are taking piano lessons for kids, you are constantly learning new things. Thus you are well acquainted with being new to something. But when someone goes for piano lessons for adults, their egos cringe at the sound of their amateur playing.

It would help if you always remind yourself that there are various learning techniques. Thus, a bit of grace is added after every piano lessons Singapore.

Ending Note

Taking piano lessons Singapore makes us feel equal parts joy and pain, euphoria and exhaustion. However, with our busy schedule, it is tough to take such lessons and practice those. Thus, once you have set your mind to take piano lessons Singapore, you must learn the lessons without any gaps!

Learning the piano can be a marvelous antidote if done correctly!