Is your child interested in learning instruments? While there is no doubt that musical instruments are a great start to improving them, you have to make sure that you choose an instrument correctly. While there are several music schools offering music lessons, selecting an instrument is highly effective before deciding to enroll in their name. Taking piano lessons Singapore for beginners can help them to achieve their lifelong dream.

There is no denying the fact that learning music has several benefits for humans, irrespective of their age. It improves satisfaction and helps people to become a better person. However, just like any other beginner musician, the first question that you need to answer yourself is whether it is the right choice to go for beginner piano lessons Singapore initially. Well, remember that any instrument requires dedication and practice to achieve.

Some instruments like violin, guitar, and other string instruments are extremely hard for beginners to learn because of the challenges. Starting with the piano can be helpful as it is an easy instrument that would not require you to go through many challenges.

So, to make it easy for you to choose, here, we will take a look at why piano lessons Singapore can be the right instrument for beginners.

Why is piano considered the best choice for beginners?

If you are choosing piano lessons for your child or for yourself, it is an excellent start for you to learn music. The piano is known for being an excellent instrument and provides a solid foundation for the music. Apart from this, there is a range of social, mental, and physical benefits that you can get from learning piano. Some of them are the following.

-It increases your cognitive functionality and brain power.

-It helps you to show your creativity and works as self-expression.

-It improves the coordination between your hand and brain.

-It allows you to develop discipline, patience, and teamwork.

-It can improve your social and communication efficiency.

There are several other benefits of learning piano, but here we will find out why it is a great start for kids to take piano lessons Singapore.

Why choose piano lessons for kids in the beginning stage?

It is and user-friendly instrument:

One of the most prominent benefits of choosing a piano, rather than any other instrument, is that it’s easy to use. Unlike any other instrument, like the guitar or violin, which requires a lot of expertise just to hold the instrument, the piano is entirely different. Even small kids are not able to easily find instruments of their size when it comes to violin and guitar. Thankfully piano can be easily learned by small arms and hands, and it becomes handy to easily learn the techniques.

piano lessons Singapore

As the piano does not require you to hold the instrument, but you only require pressing the keys, and it will automatically produce sound, it is a lot different from other string instruments. It will not require your kids to use their physical strength and hold the instrument for strumming. All they need is to sit on a chair and learn the right finger placement to play piano. They can easily learn piano when they get the best piano lessons Singapore from the top music teacher.

It gives a good foundation for music:

When it is about music, you have to make sure to produce great sounds. With the piano, it is much easier to sound good, even when you’re a beginner. As each key already has a great melody, it helps you to learn the instrument easily. However, practice is the key to learning any instrument, whether it is a string or non-string instrument. Taking piano lessons Singapore from the best teacher can help you to understand the correct placement of hands to create music.

Besides, as the arrangement of the keyboard has been made, especially for young students, it will easily help them to recognize the notes while learning music theory. Playing the piano is encouraging, as it would not sound bad. It has keys that are easily recognizable as it has been differentiated with different colors in white and black. So they will easily be able to find high notes, low notes, and other natural sounds. As there are several music institutions available, you have to make sure that you choose the right music institution having great teachers.

It has relatively easy maintenance:

It is always important for any student to learn an instrument. When they start taking music lessons from a teacher, they learn everything about music. It is not only about learning the way to play but also understanding the way to maintain it. Being a beginner, it can be really tough for any new learners to maintain a string instrument.

Fortunately, when it comes to learning piano, the learners will not go through frustrating times. As the piano does not require tuning, it would not lead to face issues. Apart from this, the piano is known for being a robust instrument that would not require changing the strings on a regular basis. Remember that piano keys would not break out in the middle of a performance. However, you have to practice the way to easily play the keys to be able to sound perfect.

It helps you to create music in different styles:

What are the best things about taking piano lessons Singapore in the initial stage is that it improves your foundation. As the piano is one instrument that will let you create different styles of music, it can be the right choice for your kid. It will help you to make different styles of music without facing any issues. Remember that when you have a solid foundation, it will eventually become helpful in your later stages.

If you want to become a versatile musician, you have to pay attention to understanding the different music styles. While there are different other instruments that will also let you play varying styles of music, a piano is one of them. It helps you to create different music groups and teaches according to your requirements. It allows children to learn the proper way to use loud and soft tones for different styles.


So these are some of the reasons why piano lessons can be the right choice for all beginner learners. As the piano is known for providing excellent quality sound and can be used for different music styles, it can be the right choice for the initial stage. However, make sure to choose the right piano lessons Singapore provided by the best teacher to help your child grow.