A guitar is probably one of the most commonly chosen instruments by people. Every man who wants to learn an instrument, especially a string instrument, most commonly picks a guitar. A guitar is known for being one of the challenging instruments that can create amazing sounds. The sound quality of this instrument makes it a widely chosen instrument. Apart from being a musician, when you learn guitar Singapore from a top music teacher, there are several other advantages to leverage.

The guitar is not only an instrument that makes you a pro musician, but it gives you a sense of fulfillment. There is no denying the fact that learning this string instrument would require you to work hard and practice on a daily basis. You have to invest at least an hour a day in practicing guitar if you want to play it like a pro musician. Apart from this, you also need to choose the right music institution that provides lessons for beginners to learn guitar Singapore.

Without proper guidance, it really becomes hard for any guitarist to learn the instrument. As there are many enthusiasts who love to learn guitar Singapore, it is important to understand that learning guitar requires guidance. Many people think that they will be able to achieve beginner lessons by learning by themselves. However, it is slightly more difficult than it seems. Even when the guitar players make it look really easy and effortless, there are several challenges.

Is it possible to learn guitar by yourself?

One of the most commonly asked questions by people is whether they can learn guitar by themselves. Remember that string instruments require practice. Without the right amount of knowledge, it is impossible to make the improvement. Being a beginner, it is not always possible for you to understand right and wrong. This is the reason why it is always recommended to choose a music institution and learn guitar Singapore.

Here, we will take a look at some of the major challenges that you will face while learning guitar and how a music school can be helpful rather than choosing to learn on your own.

Your fingers will hurt –

When you start taking your guitar lessons, the first thing that you will face is feeling hurt on your fingertips. Even when you might not realize the challenges while holding the instrument, initially, when you start creating complex structures with your fingers to make chords, it will start hurting your fingers. This is when a music institution can be helpful as they can provide you with the right playing techniques to reduce the pain. Staying under expert guidance is an excellent benefit for any individual.

Unable to create chord shapes –

One of the major challenges that every beginner’s faces are creating the right chord shapes. When you start using your guitar, you have to make complex finger structures to create different chords. This will help you to play music. Learning chords and scales is extremely important and is one of the first things you learn guitar Singapore. When you decide to learn by yourself, it is impossible to understand the way to hold chords. This is why expert guidance is necessary in this phase.

Losing motivation –

When you start creating different chord shapes and you experience constant hurt in your fingertips, it eventually becomes hard for you to be consistent. There are times when you will feel like giving up on learning because of the constant challenges you’re facing. But, choosing a music school to learn guitar Singapore is obviously the right choice to never lose motivation. As there are multiple other people taking guitar lessons, it gives you the motivation to go on. The healthy challenge provided to you by the music teacher is extremely required to keep yourself motivated. As you only want to learn when you choose to take guitar lessons by yourself, it eventually results in losing your inspiration.

Advantages of choosing to learn guitar:

Now that you have understood why music school is a necessity for learners, it is time for you to check out the several benefits of choosing guitar lessons. Remember that learning guitar is more than becoming a musician. As it is associated with music, there are several other benefits for you as a human.

learn guitar Singapore

Stress reliever –

Music is known to be one of the most commonly chosen approaches to destressing yourself and feeling relaxed. However, when it comes to playing an instrument, like a guitar, it is more than that. It is even more beneficial for you. When you start playing guitar, your mind and body will be so occupied that you will be compelled to focus on the present condition and play the instrument. This helps to divert your mind and keeps your mood brightened up throughout the day.

Boost Your Mood –

When it comes to playing guitar, it also improves your mood. Apart from reducing your stress, it improves communication and ensures happiness. When you start creating music or playing the instrument, you will find a personal connection with it, and it will help to improve your mood. Even when you are depressed or not feeling good, playing an instrument will help you to boost your mood. It provides you with the instant happiness that you require during stressful moments.

Improves self-confidence –

Whether you are an adult or a teenager, when it comes to your professional and personal life, self-confidence is a valuable asset. With improved self-esteem, it has more chances of keeping you fulfilled. Confidence is a valuable asset that you require every day in your professional life. When you stay confident, it improves you along with motivating other people surrounding you.

Better social life –

The next most amazing benefit of choosing to learn guitar Singapore from a great music school is that you will be able to learn this instrument with several other people. These candidates are also at a similar level. You can create chords and start playing with them. It will help you to have fun together and make music. This social life can help you to destress yourself and enjoy teamwork and more communication.


When it comes to playing guitar, improves your self-confidence and works as a great stress reliever. Playing guitar also has a massive impact on improving coordination and motor skills. However, you have to make sure to choose a great music school offering lessons to learn guitar Singapore.