It seems that you are here to get answers to your questions that are probably keeping you away from starting your guitar lessons. Well, you have landed on the right platform as we are trying to include as many questions you have in your mind.

However, if you were checking the answers for these questions:

Which is the convenient way of learning guitar?”

“Beginner? Where should you start?”

“What songs should you learn at first?”

“What are the notes on guitar?”

“What is the easy way to learn barre chords?”

“How much time do I need to spend on practicing guitar?”

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So, coming back to the next section of this blog, let us find out the other most common questions that you might have in your mind.

Let’s check in details.

What pitfalls should you avoid as a beginner?

Well, this is again a very common question asked by the students. There are many of them but to get it in short and at one point then it would be “Impatience”. This is perhaps an easy way to make you put everything in a crisp and tiny package. There would be no defying the fact that impatience is the root cause of frustration and its results in giving up.

You can take time to think. We know in our minds that now that you have picked the guitar maybe for a week, month or years you are definitely not closer to your idol. Also, given the fact that our brain knows that there isn’t any other way to do this.

Even then, we keep cursing ourselves and criticizing for not being even close to what we want. We tend to keep moving the goals the more we keep going closer without acknowledging the fact that we have crossed too many difficulties which often lead to frustration. Moreover, learning is a process and which does not happen in a day or two, it requires practice and consistency.

The great problems in us are in our head and the desire to become perfect without paying attention to what we have perfected so far. We want things instant, done and dusted.

So just as a piece of advice from a guitarist is to enjoy whatever you are playing and keep the belief that you can do it.

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Which one should you use – an acoustic guitar or an electric?

This is again a very common question asked by the beginners and coincidentally everyone has a different answer to this.

You must know that there are certain similarities between acoustic and electric guitars. There are tons of similarities between acoustic and electric guitars and some disadvantages and advantages as well for the beginners.

While to keep it easy, you must know that using acoustic is easier as you are able to pick up the chords much easier. However, then again, power chords and barre chords are much easier to learn on the electric guitar. Since the nature of acoustics are different, most people learn the way to strum and hardly a few take time to explore the sounds and styles that it is capable of producing.

Due to electric guitar’s nature, most of the people are able to learn the power chords much easily. When an acoustic player gets the electric guitar for the first time, they use it like the acoustic.

Now if you ask which is better? If you say that you are interested in electric guitar, then the answer would be electric. Well, but is it true? No, but the answer is electric because you are interested in electric so it is good for you.

But the reality is, if you start with an electric guitar, chances are very less that you will think of using acoustic in your near future. Generally, acoustic guitarists move to electric when they wish to enhance.

So, it is purely upon your interest but we will definitely ask you to start with acoustic and then later in your age, you always have the chance to move to electric.

How to keep the motivation alive?

We have witnessed some of the most amazing players tend to leave playing guitars after playing for a few months. This is because most of the time people are not able to get the motivation from what they are doing.

Well, this is faced by everyone but if you want to move towards something big, you have to invest your time and effort. If you are a beginner, there is no doubt that you have to keep practicing the same thing again and again. Well, we understand that doing the same thing over and over again can be very daunting and tiring.

But if you really aren’t finding motivation, you can keep the milestone and reward program for yourself. Yes, this is a popular technique that is being followed by most of the guitarists because this is the only way that would keep them going.

Other than this, since lengthy practice can be boring, the best choice would always be to keep a small section and keep the motivation alive.

Remember to choose the best guitar lessons Singapore because the instructors do matter a lot in your life.

Is learning good for the brain?

Irrespective of the instrument you are choosing, you must know that taking guitar lessons or any other lessons for learning instruments is a great choice for your brain. When you are learning a new thing, you are actually helping your brain to think in a new and innovative way. There are several concepts and skills that one can learn from guitar lessons and therefore your brain gets new tasks and starts growing.

The best part of learning guitar is that the benefits that you are earning can be carried on and used in different parts of your life. Learning guitar will not only make you better in guitar but will also help you in different other parts of your life.

If your kid has been taking the guitar lessons for a long time now, you will find them having great scores compared to others especially in math as their brain is working much more than others. Even many researchers have seen that taking guitar lessons helps in different aspects of a child’s development.

Overall, your brain tends to work more and better compared to the average people.

What qualities do you get from guitar learning?

Well, you will gain a lot of things irrespective of your age. You can consider these as the major benefits of learning guitar or taking guitar lessons Singapore.

You can find improved coordination between your hands and brain. But to be very true, initially you will suck but don’t get disheartened. If you really want to do something good for you, you can start practicing to improve the coordination. This can be carried on in the later part of your life and ensure betterment.

Also, if you are an adult, you will still be able to find the many advantages and one of the best is the ability to concentrate and improve patience. This can be used in both your personal and professional lives. This can be a lot beneficial for the children and mostly they are not able to concentrate. Therefore, you can find your child won’t struggle to concentrate like others.

When you have a sharp mind, you have a better grip to what people say and you become a good and fast learner which the world needs. Nobody has time to invest and therefore fast learners are always preferred. With guitar lessons, you can polish your brain and keep enjoying it.

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Will you succeed?

This is something that is working in mind over and again and again. No matter how many people have said how great you are doing, you still never fail to keep doubting yourself. You shouldn’t be a critic to this extent.

What is success according to you because even your idol or the experts are still learning? The truth is everybody is learning and growing therefore if you just keep the word successfully away, you can surely start playing and keep playing from your soul and heart.

Remember the more you practice, the more you perfect.

Bottom line:

Well so this all we have! Hopefully, we have encompassed all of your expectations. We have tried to include most of the things that are required. In case you are not able to find the answers to your queries, you can directly get in touch with us.