Beginning any musical lesson like guitar lessons can be very hard and even harder is to decide. Not only because you have heard a lot of times that mastering a string instrument is tough and time taking but also because you are not able to get the answers of your questions.

Yes, we clearly understand that you have been willing to proceed but since you are unable to find the answers of your questions, you are actually taking your steps back.

So, we have tried to include some of the most common questions that are asked by the aspirants. This will probably help you to get the answers of your queries and take a step back.

Let’s proceed:

Which is the convenient way of learning guitar?

Availability of endless choices in the market, it must be hard to decide where to start learning guitar. This is probably the case for everyone. But you need to bear in mind that every big step starts from a single step and while you have made the planning, you must keep yourself open to getting familiarized with the guitar sound.

But the first very thing, where do you consider yourself in the beginner level? Have you bought a guitar level? If you have not, then you will seriously require complete guidance and support when it is about purchasing the first guitar.

For the beginners, tuning the guitar is the very first step to learning. When your guitar is not tuned, you can stay assured that it is not going to sound great. Instead of looking for someone else to tune the guitar, you must learn the way to tune the guitar by yourself.

When you have learned the way to tune the guitar, the very next step is to learn the chords. Even when it seems very easy and seamless, reality is you have to pay a good amount of time and effort on understanding.

Remember learning chords isn’t easy and you have to go step by step and understand where to place your fingers.

If you have the plan of playing your guitar for an extended amount of time and thinking to spend a great future, you must know that there is nothing that comes easy and especially when it is about playing guitar.

Now that you are ready to use the guitar lessons, you must be looking for the best music school in your place. This will become a lot helpful in getting in-depth understanding.

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Beginner? Where should you start?

You must have the knowledge that your teacher is the best way of learning. When you keep taking the guitar lessons one after another, you will be able to grab the concepts faster. The golden rule is not to run but keep it slow. If you are about to start self-learning, you can choose the internet to start.

Stradivari Strings can be a good source if you are looking for the online guitar classes. However, we are working in this genre for the past few decades and therefore we understand the way you should start.

Therefore, if you are really looking for the best way to learn guitar, don’t forget to take the guitar lessons and start walking on your dreams.

What songs should you learn at first?

When you have started taking the guitar lessons Singapore, you should initially just focus on finger placement, chords and strumming, but make sure to go one by one as otherwise, you can actually result in ruining everything.

However, now that you are constantly taking the guitar lessons and you are doing quite well in chord transition, you must be looking forward to playing a song. And why not! This keeps going. So, some of the easiest songs that you can try includes:

Silent Night

You are my Sunshine


Well, we can add many but we are keeping it to these because you must not get drifted from your practice on chords and strumming.

What are the notes on guitar?

If you are planning to become a guitarist, the very first thing you have to start as a beginner is that you have to have complete knowledge on the guitar fretboard. This is the early steps of any guitarist. When you have knowledge on the notes, it will become helpful in playing the scales, forming chords, along with improvising and soloing.

If you are taking the guitar lessons, you can get the knowledge from the experts. Remember to keep a note of everything so that you can keep practicing. However, let us give you a chart that will give you the knowledge.

(Guitar Noise)

What is the easy way to learn barre chords?

No doubt that the basics of the guitar can be learned easily in a few months. You will definitely be able to play some songs with the basic chords but if you are willing to play the songs like a pro, you have to make sure that you are learning the barre chords.

No wonder, this is really hard and painful to your finger at the same time. Even in the guitar lessons, it won’t be easy but all you have to do is to keep going no matter how hard it is. This is more like riding bikes. When you have the knowledge of them, you will not be able to forget them.

You must know that there isn’t any capo that would be able to perform the way barre chords would do. When you look at the index finger, you will find that there is a slight bend on it. This is the reason why your index finger is mostly used as it can press the center of the barre chord hard. Now you need to rotate the finger slightly backwards in a way that the knuckle is faced towards the nut. This helps to keep the finger flat. You might still witness a slightest bend on it, but no more it is a factor as the sides are now flattened against the fretboard which is holding the strings down.

Another major factor that you need to keep in mind that we have always used our hands in a way with fingers inwards toward our palm. However, now that you are playing the barre chords, you have to focus on developing the muscles that we have never used for flattening the fingers.

You will initially not be able to put the pressure because it takes time to build the size and strength. Even if it might happen that the techniques are perfect but you still have to wait.

The last that we would like to add about the barre chords is to have a look at these chords. Do you find other fingers working in its center? If it is so, you don’t need to concentrate on the barring efforts.

guitar lessons Singapore

How much time do I need to spend on practicing guitar?

This is probably one of the most common questions that is being asked most friendly by the beginners. No wonder the question, “How much time” comes for our being impatient to see results without even paying slightest bit of time and effort.

The answer to this is, there is no definite answer to this because it is about your ability to grasp things. But yes, you can expect not to expect something within a few months. There are a lot of things that you need to do when you are taking guitar lessons which includes coming everyday to take the guitar lessons, practicing everyday without excuse, give up on thinking about the result and not focus on the hurt imposed on your fingers.

So, if you are really looking forward to enjoying a great career, you have to make sure that you are investing a good amount of time on playing and practicing as only then you will be able to find the results in less time.

These are some of the most common questions that are asked by the students when they are initially thinking of taking guitar lessons Singapore. Hopefully you have the answer to your query.

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