Violin! A Wonderful instrument that has amazing tunes to it. The strings can create magic, but all you need is to play it.

Violin is not here in recent times, but it is one ancient that still follows the same mechanism to develop. Every violinist has its own style and reasons to choose this instrument.

But if you are thinking that since you have come of age, it may be a great choice to start violin lessons for beginners. You may be wrong in this aspect.  There is no age limit to learning the violin. You can start at any age, ideally from age 3. Our oldest violin student is age 85 and I am sure there are many others in this age group who started violin lessons then.

Therefore today, we will find out the best practices for adults to achieve their dreams of becoming a violinist. If you were about to step back, have a look at this.

violin lessons for beginners

First comes first, initially, you will need to select a violin which may not necessarily be for beginners:

We clearly understand that you are eager to learn the violin, but one sec – do you have a violin? You can start learning only when you have your own violin and something that is suitable. Always know that the violin type and condition will always matter.

Check some of the major factors that are required considering when you are starting with the violin lesson.

The age of the maple spruce of the violin – typically the older the better

Price of violin

The size of the violin — adults usually go for the 4/4 size. Petite adults may go for 7/8 size.

Violin shop

Condition of the violin

The quality of the violin determines the price tag of the musical instrument. What affects the cost of the violin? The quality of the maple spruce, the quality of the parts which are attached to the violin — this includes the tuning pegs, fingerboard, violin strings, tail piece, bridge, end pin.

If the violin that you love is beyond the budget you have allocated, there are a few options you can consider. One — look for a pre-owned violin. Two — rent a violin . Three — discuss with the violin shop on an installment plan to purchase your favorite violin. All options are great as you will be able to access a good violin while managing your budget accordingly.

Whatever is the case, make sure that you buy a violin prior to going for the violin lessons for beginners. A very useful tip for the aspiring violinists when you are going to purchase a violin is to check the quality.

You can check the things to consider while buying a violin.

Create a routine for practice:

When you have already purchased a violin, the very next thing you need to do is to create a routine for practicing. This is generally known as the practice routine. As we all know, time management is a crucial part of playing any instrument and especially when you are an adult with other responsibilities to manage.

This might be flexible or hard for people, but you should always know that a proper guide is a need. Every time when you have scheduled everything, you actually know when to do what, and such discipline, along with time management, plays a crucial role. You will definitely not spend months practicing some random skills just to check if you have any idea.

Here is a good example of your practice plan. All the levels should comprise of:

Scales and arpeggio

Etudes and exercises


Upon completing the level, you are allowed to move to the next good level. This is the place where you can check for more challenging exercises.

It is undeniably an amazing structure as it will help to practice several areas of the violin along with making steady progress.

Moreover, when you start making gradual progress in each area, this will help you to learn new skills. Irrespective of choosing a school or wanting to learn on own, there is always a need for structuring the practice. This can yield great results.

Keep Practicing:

When you have a violin along with a routine for practice, you can start your practice. When it is about learning how to play the violin, the most crucial thing you require is to keep practicing. When you make a routine for practice and consider it as your priority, all you need is to follow it.

Of course, this nowhere implies that you are not allowed to practice other fun songs every now and then. Till the time you can focus on your routine, you are going great.

Some violinists make use of particular practice techniques just to find results. Even when this is not mandatory, this can become a lot helpful in concentrating more on the practice session.

You can choose to follow this as well:

You need to decide on the thing that you are working on

You can set a timer for 25 minutes

As soon as the timer goes off, you can set it for the next five minutes and then take a break

Once the break is over, you can set to another 25 minutes and start practicing again

You can keep practicing in this manner if you want, and it becomes valuable to stay focused. You can choose to go for the violin lessons for beginners and give wings to your dreams.

If you are someone who cannot invest more time, you require creating shorter versions. Make sure you dedicate a certain amount of time for specific purposes.

violin lessons in Singapore

Bottom Line:

So these are some of the basic tips that you can use to ensure a great violin lesson for adults. Most people set that step back, and therefore, for all of them, taking violin lessons in Singapore can be a great choice.

This way, you can stay assured that you will be able to achieve your dreams associated with the violin. Whether you are in your 30s or 40s or maybe above that, all you need is to dream and fulfill it. Take the violin lessons for beginners and start playing the violin to relive your dreams.