April 10, 2023

Most frequently asked questions while choosing piano lessons for adults

Learning music has a huge range of advantages for people. If You Are a music enthusiast, you can choose to learn music at any age. Especially when it comes to learning music, when you’re an adult, there are much more queries in people. So irrespective of the instrument you choose, it is always beneficial to […]

January 18, 2022

Piano Lessons Singapore For Kids and Adults

Although the benefits of piano lessons Singapore are numerous, it’s best to start your child early before they develop a severe interest in the instrument. This way, they’ll be able to enjoy the fun and learning experience of learning a new instrument together. For best results, wait until your child reaches the age of seven, […]

December 10, 2021

Piano Lessons Singapore: For Adults & Kids

Teaching music to individual students through piano lessons Singapore is a specialized field of study. It focuses on the teaching of every student according to their requirements. The field of music education consists of many different facets, but it all revolves around the piano. In addition to music education, there is a field of study […]

November 18, 2021

Find Meaning Through Your Piano Lessons Singapore | Guide To Buy The Best Piano | FAQs

This is your best shot when you want to get yourself a new piano. In addition to the piano lessons Singapore, you cannot learn this instrument efficiently if you do not have a good piano setup. There are multiple questions when it comes to buying a piano. For that, let us introduce the most common […]

October 21, 2021

What Should You Know Before Returning To Face-To-Face Piano Lessons Singapore?

Are you one of those hundreds of students who are thinking about taking face-to-face piano lessons Singapore? There are many members in this community who have already started with such lessons. The choice of returning to face-to-face piano lessons Singapore is a personal one. During these last few weeks, you will see that most of […]

September 15, 2021

Explore the brightest musical instrument to develop an amazing career

The undeniable facts of piano lessons for kids Those parents are lucky enough to have got some talented child, the child who has a specific talent over pursuing a musical journey. Many kids have their specific desire to nurture their passion over different musical instruments, while some others have keen interest on extraordinary subjects just […]

August 15, 2021

Get ready to witness an incredible journey with piano lessons Singapore

Experiment the advantages “I’m an interpreter of stories. When I perform, it’s like sitting down at my piano and telling fairy tales.” – Nat king Cole. A most melodious musical instrument with many benefits, the piano is there for you whenever you want to learn something new and extraordinary and start a unique career in […]

July 5, 2021

Get your pleasing personality with the soulful musical instrument-The Piano

“Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.” – Tom Lehrer. Did you know that learning any musical instrument is a soulful experience for life? Experts say that people who practice an instrument are more likely to be high achievers. Proper music training can entirely change […]

June 10, 2021

How Piano helps you to be a perfect player?

Know the ways and its incredible benefits There are 88 keys, and hundreds of internal strings are available in a piano, making the instrument unique and individual. A standard piano always looks for some creative and exceptional admirers to make it more versatile.  The Piano itself is a versatile instrument. Beethoven has created classical melodies […]

May 10, 2021

Starting a lovable journey with Piano lessons Singapore

“Learning to play the piano well is a never-ending quest.” – Anonymous. Many music lovers often get confused about whether to learn piano or any other musical instrument. The myth exists that piano is one of the most challenging segments to learn. But if you are a serious music lover and want to have something […]