• How much does a good viola cost?

    I highly recommend that a motivated viola student start off with a hand-crafted viola. Reason being better grade maple good is used, the workmanship is better (compared to factory range viola), and the parts used to set up the viola are better grade. These all impact on the playability and tone quality of the viola.

  • What size viola should I buy?

    You can ascertain the size of your viola by measuring the length of your arm. Here is a guide:

    Age Arm Length Viola size
    14 to adult Over 26” 16”
    14 to adult 25” to 25.5” 15.5”
    12 – 13 24.5” to 25” 15”
    9-12 23”-24.5” 14”
  • What is the difference between the violin and viola?

    The viola and the violin are both from the same family group of bowed strings instrument. One difference is the size — the violin measures 14” while the viola size can range between 15” to 16.5”. Secondly, the strings set differently — for the violin, these are G, D, A, E. While for the viola, these are C, G, D and A.

  • Does the tone quality of a viola get better with age?

    Yes, the tone quality of a viola gets better with age. That is provided that the violist constantly plays on the viola to enhance the tone quality of the musical instrument. A viola which is 50 years old, for example, sound more sonorous than one which is just crafted. Not only because the former has been played on for years, but also the age of the maple wood used to craft the older viola is much older. That is why some violists prefer to invest in an antique level or old viola.

  • Should I buy a viola online or in person?

    You should be able to see and play on the viola which you intend to purchase. Reason being you need to judge the tone quality of the viola in person, rather than relying on beautiful photos of the music instrument. In addition, no one should play on the viola aside from yourself, when selecting one for yourself. Reason being you are part of the trio (of yourself, the viola and the viola bow).