• How much does a cello cost?

    The price range of cello in a cello shop is quite wide. This can range from $500 to thousands of dollars. Factory range cello are lower in price point, however the tone quality may not be desirable, the parts of the cello (such as the tuning pegs, the bridge, the tail piece and end pin) may not withstand wear and tear and you may need to service it frequently. The premium, hand crafted cello range typically sound much mellower and it will be easier for cello students to pick up techniques. Speak to Stradivari Strings, a reputable cello shop in Singapore, today to find out more. Call or whattsapp +65-98137769

  • What size cello is suitable for me?

    Adults typically use full size (4/4 size) cello. Petite size adults with smaller hand span may play on a 7/8 or 3/4 size cello. The size chart for children is as follow:

    Cello size Age range
    1/8 size cello Age 5 to 7
    ¼ size cello Age 7 to 9
    ½ size cello Age 9 to 11
    ¾ size cello Age 11 to 13

    However it will be ideal if you or your child can go personally to a cello shop to measure for the correct cello size. Not sure which size of cello suits? Contact Stradivari Strings at +65-98137769 for a professional measurement.

  • How do I choose a cello?

    Choosing your first cello can be mind boggling. There are so many different cello with different tone quality. Also the price range can be wide. Which size should you go for? It is best to play on the cello range yourself as the cellist forms part of the trio comprising the cello and cello bow. For solid advice and guidance, contact Stradivari Strings for an appointment today.

  • What is a good cello for beginners?

    A good cello for beginner can vary from a factory range one to a hand crafter one. As to which suits, this depends on the cello student in terms of music background, as well as objective for learning to play the cello. You should speak to a cello specialist in a cello shop to understand more. Contact Stradivari Strings at info@stradivaristrings.com or +65-98137769 accordingly.

  • How much does a beginner cello cost?

    A beginner cello costs around $500 in a cello shop. These are factory made, with fast turn over. As the price is rather affordable, the quality of the wood used to craft the cello may not be to ideal standard. Also the fittings of this range of cello are lower grade, hence you may experience issues such as tuning pegs not fitted well into the peg box, cello bridge not properly cut to the right height and curvature, cello strings which sound metallic and feels harsh on the fingers. As such you may wish to start off with beginner level handcrafted cello, price range around $1000+.