was established in response to the need for top quality music education, as well as for superior quality musical instruments including the violin, viola, cello and bows.



Founded in 2010, Stradivari Strings is recognized as one of Singapore’s leading violin and cello dealers. Our violin shop in Singapore specializes in bowed string instruments violin, viola, cello, violin bows, viola bows and cello bows. We also have a repair and restoration service workshop (hyperlink “repair and restoration service workshop” to helmed by master luthier trained in Europe.

Since 2010, Stradivari Strings has served countless students, teachers, soloists, amateur and professional musicians. We are musicians too, and we take pride in spending time to assist our students and customers in selecting music instruments, as well as imparting our knowledge so our students and customers know what to look out for in selecting violin, cello, violin bows or cello bows.

Aside from bowed strings instruments, we also have a selection of violin strings, cello strings, violin cases, cello cases, flute, saxophone, guitar, ukulele, music accessories and books.


Novice violin and cello students appreciate our violin store in Singapore, for the extensive consultation service to aid them to make the right choice to buy a violin or cello. We highly recommend that new students looking to buy a violin or cello from our violin store in Singapore, select one which suits you at least a few years in the future. Reason being you will improve musically having acquired higher level playing techniques over time. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade to an advanced level instrument and waste resources on the first instrument.

Accomplished bowed strings players looking to buy violin or cello appreciate the extensive range of instruments in our violin store in Singapore, and our ability to customize the instrument they want to maximize the instrument’s potential. We have a good selection of Italian, French, German bowed strings instruments. Our collection of contemporary makers as well as fine old violin, cello and bows will suit these players.

Most students who visit our violin store in Singapore to buy violin or cello, focus only on selecting the violin or cello. However, the violin bow and cello bow are equally important. During the selection process at our violin store Singapore, we also explain the importance of balance, weight, quality of the bow stick, horse hair etc. We will also assist our students and customers to pair the right violin or cello bow according to a few important criteria.

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  • How much does a good violin cost?

    If you go to any reputable violin shop, you will learn that the good violin range are typically 100% hand crafted from naturally dried maple spruce. For any beginner student aspiring to go to intermediate level, or any existing intermediate level violin student looking to upgrade violin, one can budget $1000 to $3000. An advanced level violin will be priced $3000 and above. Advance level, investment grade violin can go up to one million dollars or more. Check out violin shops personally to ascertain what you require.

  • How do I decide where to buy violin or cello in Singapore?

    There are several specialist violin and cello shops in Singapore. The main factors you would wish to look at, when deciding where to buy your violin in Singapore, is the following: (1) Longevity of the shop, how long it has been operating. (2) the availability of a luthier for repair and restoration service (3) The quality and range of violin and cello available for sale in the violin shop (4) the service level.

    Stradivari Strings has been operating since 2010, more than a decade of experience. Come by our shop to experience great service, a wide range of violin and cello selection, and try out the range to gauge the quality of the musical instruments. We also have an in house luthier who is European trained with years of repair and restoration experience. Contact us at +65-98137769 to arrange an appointment.

  • Where do I buy violin or cello in Singapore?

    A great option will be from Stradivari Strings, a boutique violin shop/ cello shop in Singapore. We are centrally located near the beach road/ Lavender/ Nicoll Highway area. Walking distance from Lavender MRT and Nicoll Highway MRT. Car park is available at Sultan Plaza (multi storey car park) as well as HDB car parks around the vicinity.

  • How much does a full size violin cost?

    A 4/4 size violin is a full size violin for adults. For factory made violin, the price can be below $300. For hand crafted violin, the price can be from $500 upwards. Again, the price range is very diverse. It is best for you to arrange an appointment to come by Stradivari Strings, an established violin shop in Singapore, to select.

  • How much is a beginner level violin?

    A beginner level violin which is factory made is priced below $300. A beginner level hand crafted violin costs $500 and above. Before you rush into getting your first violin, speak to a professional at Stradivari Stings, a renowned violin shop in Singapore, for solid advice as to which range to go for. Contact us as +65-98137769.